i need to go to wondercon for these action figures.


the first piece in the true blood ad campaign for season three uses abbreviations.
can't get much better.
i'm contemplating making this my facebook profile picture.
in conclusion, the ad agency that does true blood is genius.


scott pilgrim please.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&amp;from=sp&amp;fg=shareObject&amp;vid=3dca99ef-87c0-4343-a0da-f7f329301841" target="_new" title="Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Trailer (HD)">Video: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Trailer (HD)</a>

"the hills" was cancelled

seriously, this show started incredibly...the first five minutes of laguna beach pretty much made me obsessed with all things related to lauren conrad. mtv needs to do a recap show that includes all of laguna beach and the hills. i'd pretty much be obsessed...

i tried finding my laguna beach season one finale party invitation from 2005 and my myspace circa 2005 photobucket failed me.

watch season one on mtv.

the live feed.

true blood season 3 teaser poster


favorite june 2010 covers from marvel

this image is sick.

these cover layouts never cease to amaze.

oh hey, nobody heroes. teen titans marvel style take two.

love the use of the red.

you would, daken.

sadly, i'm completely into this cover and series. marketing to females is marvel's newest thing...

rawhide kid...out of control relaunch concept is at it again 10 years later.

i don't like these cosmic comic books but, i love this cover.

this is looks dumb. it's like a bad relaunch of x-men: evolution.

another young avengers like team book debuts this month. seriously, marvel, just please release another volume of young avengers?


favorite june 2010 covers from dc

this causes my obsession with the batman beyond universe to increase immensely.

classic legion.

love the legacy take on this cover. i'm wondering how the stories intertwine...

green arrow is too bad ass lately. i'm not sure why he needs another #1. the black canary part of the title could have just been dropped...

uh..frame this please?

the most amazing cover of killer croc ever. it looks straight out of concept art for a video game.

i'm not interested in the nemesis content, strictly the cover.

i'm really liking this...the more artsy looking to the covers causes greater appeal than the cartoony look of the power girl book.

plain awesome cover of jason todd.

a classic superman cover to commemorate #700.
check out all the solicits here.

best cover for june 2010

look at those art skills on the cover of fringe #1.


dc chronicles: green lantern statue


no wayz

some americans are selling the skins novel on amazon marketplace.
i now have an order confirmation.
best. day. ever.


comic wallet

after the amazon disaster of two weeks ago, @comicwallet tweeted me a discount for a sweet comic wallet. i'm slighly obsessed with it...especially since it features batman, robin and batwoman. check out the wallets and be sure to purchase one of these unique creations.


celebrating st. joseph's day

time for some red themed comic book characters to celebrate my italian heritage:

kid devil

superman red

hulk (again)

red arrow

red lantern corps

red skull

red robin

red bee

blackest night #8 cover

batman beyond returns

batman beyond returns in june with his own mini-series and an appearance in the batman/superman annual. as a die hard batman beyond fan from day one, this is BIG news. not only is terry mcginnis going to be depicted in a dark, non-bruce timm style but, the book is going to feature batman's villains in a futuristic world. i wonder if there will be appearances by amanda waller, dana, barbara gordon, or max. i'm really hoping that "epilogue" is acknowledged since it defined the cyclical nature of the cowl and was a perfect conclusion to justice league unlimited. i cannot wait for june...



celebrating st. patrick's day

since i'm half gaelic and half garlic (with the garlic dominant), i thought i would celebrate st. patrick's day with a tribute to green superheroes.

green lantern

green arrow

green lantern corps


alan scott

the hulk

green hornet


and batwoman wins

detective comics won a glaad award for outstanding comic book. yet another reason why batwoman is an amazing superheroine.

i am going to strongly dislike...

the united states version of skins. there is no way this group of kids can live up to the uk version.
check out this sweet article about the united states skins with plenty of promos from the uk version.

more skins

skins was renewed for series 5 and 6.

i would love to join the cast as cassie and sid's real cool ameican friend who moves to england...i could also be a teacher but, i would rather be friends with the first generation. too bad i wasn't born between 1992 and 1994. lets hope the third generation is as interesting as the first two. i am definitely going to miss effy in the next generation.

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