DC YOU campaign

so, where is the diversity visible?

see all the covers on newsarama.


scream queens

this looks silly and amazing. it may just be the best new fall show.
emma roberts is simply the best.


fave august 2015 dc comics solicit covers

love the vintage look of this time-esque cover.

this series will probably be incredible.

the flash is all the rage lately.

obsessed with this classic circus poster.

batman is a new god?!??!

superman through the ages....and apparently he gets younger over time.


fave august 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

charging into upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies...

of course, this fan favorite will come out on top in the new marvel universe post-secret wars.

i just love this artwork and "days of future past."


a 2015 look for aquaman

comicbook.com covers the news of the updated, or rather combined look of aquaman coming this summer. it doesn't look half bad! it's definitely better than green lantern.


first "legends of tomorrow" cast photo

great promo shot for the next dc comics television show. 
i am seriously loving the upfronts marketing materials, especially the trailer, for this show!

read more over at io9.


"legends of tomorrow" trailer

this sorta looks like a really amazing dc comics movie that hasn't been made yet. it may just become my favorite tv show.


supergirl trailer

this looks incredible, yet there's some cheese to it. 
i'm really interested to see how superman plays into it as well as the larger tv universe of dc comics.


best "mad men" moment of the season

peggy has come far during her time on mad men.

vanity fair covered the episode and more about elisabeth moss' character.

i also found an article of peggy gifs to be pretty amazing over on bustle.


sense8 trailer

definitely going to give this new show a try. 
it was also filmed in my neighborhood last summer!


new ant-man poster

after seeing avengers 2, i am ready to continue my love for the marvel cinematic universe.
don't ruin it, marvel!


new "star wars" photos

vanity fair made my day.
so many great reveals about the new star wars movie.
...and adam is the villain!


a marvel movie map to rule them all

TIME has this much bigger on its website. i cannot believe the cinematic universe has grown to 19 properties!