fave april 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

 awesome variant.

the avengers vs. x-men event is pretty dumb, but i really like this cover. cyclops has become pretty bad ass.

 oh storm.

of course hope has phoenix inside her.

i hope the storyline is as good as the covers.

obsessed with this and i hate scarlet witch.


we can be heroes campaign

i am all for corporate responsiblity. great job, dc.

cnn had a few thought on dc's initiative.

click here for more information on dc's new campaign to end hunger in africa.


the new dc logos

dc comics unveiled their new logo.

sorry, but i miss the bullets and i like your current logo.

i do like the branding by category - very different for a comic book company. it could have been done using their existing logo...

the full press release is available on the source.

comics alliance has an awesome article on the history of the dc comics logo.


fave april 2012 dc comics solicit covers

 bruce showing some love for damian.
 sweet cover.
 oh, green arrow. your book sucks and you're going to make the justice league suck, too.
 what are these costumes?

so much sass, diana.


second wave of the new 52

dc finally cancelled a few new 52 books!

good bye to:

  • men of war
  • mister terrific 
  • O.M.A.C. 
  • hawk and dove 
  • blackhawks 
  • static shock 
hello to:
  • batman inc.
  • earth two
  • ravagers
  • dial h
  • world's finest
  • g.i. combat
i am super stoked for the return of batman inc. the earth two books will be interesting especially since the justice society will be back. i don't care for g.i. combat and if dial h is as good as the original, i will like that, too. a spin-off of the titans may have me obsessed and may not.



i cannot wait for this to start.


as usual, i am hooked on shameless. it might just be showtime's best show. yeah i said it.


avx: vs.

the new avengers vs. x-men tie-in cover reminds me of g.i. joe. anyone else?



upside down trailer

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i want to see this today. too bad it opens later in 2012. sad day.


america's got powers

i will most definitely be reading this.

20 new year's resolutions for 20-somethings

this is by far the world's most accurate list for 2012 resolutions.

if there is one resolution that should be met all year, it should be:

check out the list here.


hey pandora

oh dc, don't know your secret mysterious character after an online radio station.

dc new 52's new characters

i found this jem on idle hands.

my love for dc comics is slowly fading. more characters? we still don't know what happened and what didn't in the new continuity but, hey let's introduce new characters. despite my meh attitude, i'm still sticking with a good number of books. i was just so obsessed with the old dc continuity. the green lantern and batman books are still my favorites probably due to the lack of visible character changes with the exception of batgirl.


my bestie since first grade, imin, introduced me to instagram in san francisco, but i didn't download it until after christmas. i cannot get enough of it now. find me on it: omgzreallytim.

 me & imin.

 champagne at midnight on nye.

my baci.

 my redline stop.

nutella panini at the purple pig.


high school love

i love the holidays because it brings all my bfflz together. 

 the fourscore annual holiday dinner.

schaumburg hills & suburban thrills at my new year's eve party.