the dark knight returns trailer

the first trailer looks pretty sweet. not quite sure what is going on with the cover art. check it out over at comics alliance.


the cw rebranded

the cw's only redeeming show is 90210. that's saying alot.


motivating super-heroes

kerrith johnson did an awesome job with these posters.

a few more are available on bleedingcool.com.


the history of batman

this might just be the best infographic ever.


if i was a lady...

i would want to be marion cotillard.

thanks, the dark knight rises.


the young avengers are back!

newsarama is saying the team is made up of kid loki, wiccan and miss america chavez so far.
i would love to see a team composed of characters from avengers academy, young avengers and runaways.
i really miss runaways.


much deserved

my fave new show girls was nominated for an emmy.
i love lena dunham. great job!

check out all the nominees on cnn here.


darkness & light exhibit

i'm looking forward to the new exhibition from dc comics when it visits chicago in september.

collider has a preview here.



this batman beyond statue by dustin nguyen.
it is perf.


fave october 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

 loving the background against cap's outfit.

 captain marvel is look good.

 this is very marvel cinematic universe. nice try, ultimate universe. you're still not getting new readers.

 a whole new team. is this the 1980s? THOSE COSTUMES!

loving this art concept.


fave october 2012 dc comics solicit covers

 plain creepy. excited for the joker's return.

 the batman #666 universe is back!

 so many halloween-esque batman covers this month.

 love this art and babs.

so classic looking.


oh, glee

you're going to be a hot mess next season with most of your graduated cast members back.
just keep santana, rachel and blaine.
will this be the last season?



next marvel event?

loving this teaser.

it's not the next marvel event. just some ridiculous punisher relaunch.