hey clark kent

i'm hoping the next reveal is a little less basic and a little more wonder woman.


can i please have a new dc comics crisis?

 is an interesting article packed with clues that point to another crisis. how about dc goes back to the pre-new 52 universe? i would be the happiest fan ever.



loving the new cast photos.

i just can't with ivy pepper.


my love for sam smith continues

he killed it on this whitney houston cover.
so glad i have tickets to his september show.


fave september 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

alex ross greatness.

oh yeah, wolverine is going to "die."

 what a sweet outfit.

loving this one.

classic x-men look.


fave september 2014 dc comics solicit covers


i only have one this month since i featured the rest of them earlier in the month in the futures end post.


fave september 2014 futures end solicit covers

so many batgirls.

this simply wouldn't happen. sorry, five years later.

a much rougher looking teen titans.

while i love the introduction of a new flash family, this is no pre-new 52.


orange is back

time to binge watch the greatest netflix show ever.