fave january 2016 marvel comics solicit covers

oh really? is this what marvel intended to happen all along?

very ready for this lady to lead the marvel movies.

i can't with storm's hair.

i never want old man logan to leave the 616.

basically the comic version of the TV team in costume. i'm down.


the evolution of 'star wars' posters

io9 has a great article on the evolution of star wars posters. i'm wondering how the anthology movies will be promoted!


fave january 2016 dc comics solicit covers

somebody has his powers back. how about we do superman red and blue again?

so creepy.

love this cover of wonder woman.

joker's daughter is one of the better new batman villains to come around in the past few years.

iconic jim gordon batman.


'star wars' trailer craze

THE VERGE broke down every scene from this amazing trailer! 

WIRED covered the marketing tactics of disney for the movie in a great piece, too.


batman: bad blood

this is the first animated dc movie that looks worthwhile in a long time! 
i just keep thinking about taylor swift though.


you can buy me this

pretty surprised that the batman vs. superman action figures have an animated look to them.

comicbook.com has coverage of all the NYCC reveals.


daredevil season two trailer

elektra! daredevil! punisher! netflix and marvel for the win!


jessica jones teasers continue

it's starting to look like this may be marvel's first take on a powerful female super hero lead!
sorry, black widow.


watchmen tv series?

yes, please.
i would be super happy if it was based around the before watchmen comic series!

collider has all the details.