hbo is the home for millenial tv

looking + girls

i'm also loving st. lucia in the trailer.


so excited for GIRLS

this trailer made me scream.
shoshana is too much to handle and my absolute favorite.


fave march 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

the colors!

i don't care for daredevil, but i do care for this cover.

very stealthy, moon knight.

so simple.

this looks like the sequel to tron.

is this for the mature readers line?


birthday burrito bowl

we threw anica a birthday party at chipotle.
it's the little things in life.


fave march 2014 dc comics solicit covers

 this isn't the most unique cover, but it's pretty cool.

amanda waller is pretty cool this month.

wonder woman as loki.


amazing trailer for spidey

i loved the hints at future villains including vulture and doctor octopus.
this spidey could be the next x-men franchise.
crossover? please.


beyond ready for january tv

girls will be back jan. 12.
i'm having major millennial tv withdrawal.