did weeds really end that way?

i must say that i love nancy botwin. 

if this ends up being the series finale, i am not sure if i would be okay with it.

it would close everything though as long as the sniper...

if you love weeds, you. must. watch. now.


dc comics is ruining their universe

two words:
catwoman and...

whoever decided to reboot this dc universe needs to be slapped.


fave december 2011 dc solicits covers

 just a little batman getting his strings pulled like a puppet.

 so when will hal be on the covers again?

 greedy bitch.

aquaman looks bad ass. i like.


lake geneva

i spent the weekend in lake geneva with amy and her family for her uncle's wedding. absolutely perfect time.

dock off amy's family's home.

amy and i headed to the wedding.



today marks my one year in parks & recreation...and i'm still loving my job.


ya know the redhead in the superboy preview?

caitlin fairchild of gen 13.

SHUT UP, DC. you are ruining the DCnU 52.