girls trailer

yup i am obsessed with this show already and it hasn't even premiered.


fave may 2012 marvel solicit covers

 hope is clearly the centerpiece of a vs. x.

 it would be sweet if the phoenix took over thor.

 pretty sure this is how most kids would react in 2012 if they were riding a rhino.

hands down amazing cover.


earth-two robin

i think i am really going to like earth-2. i just wish the justice society was part of new earth. does dc even call the main world new earth any more?



happy valentine's day

great advertising from walking dead.

abe lincoln the vampire slayer

you look good, abe. just not as good as buffy or faith.


fave may 2012 dc comics solicit covers

i might be obsessed with earth-two.

power girl closed up shop finally. it looks like she usually has on a supergirl costume.

is this gen 13? i think so.

fighting teen super-heroes? yes please.



gwen stacy

emma stone looks PERFECT.

the descendants

the descendants reminded me so much of up in the air
i cried through and love both.


hush sound

after seeing them at the bottom lounge last night, i cannot stop listening...

avengers assemble

great new trailer!



catwoman figure from the dark knight rises.


before watchmen

i am BEYOND psyched for before watchmen
put darwyn cooke on any project and you'll me obsessing.