begin again with 'the leftovers'

can't wait for oct. 4. the leftovers is super mysterious and an interesting concept.

tvline.com has the trailer.


character reveals for american horrory story: hotel

you never know who you will meet in the halls of the hotel. check-in wednesday october 7th on FX.

this may just be the best season yet!


fave december 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

awesome cover showing marvel's diversity initiative.


cool concept for sinister.

loving daredevil and looking forward to season two.

hey, ladies.


fave december 2015 dc comics solicit covers

loving the current portrayal of batgirl.


this is like my dream come true at age six.

so simple. the court of owls never goes away.

so many robins, so little time.

can't wait for this series.


jessica jones is coming

looking forward to this female-centric marvel show!


new star wars poster art

geektyrant.com also has some new character art. 
i pretty much yell whenever new star wars images are released. 
can't wait for the movie!


scream queens opening credits

this is seriously going to be the best. 
the level of camp is out of control and amazing. 
looking forward to sept. 22!


you can buy me this

the toy version of bb-8 from star wars is pretty much a real life robot.

polygon has more details.


super creepy

the latest teaser for american horror story is the best yet.

i just can't with these kids.