what are you doing dc?

bleeding cool has a complete roundup of today's huge dc comics news.

i just wonder how long this whole "complete reboot" will last. what was the point of the last crisis and 52?


awesome finale

90210. the show is better than gossip girl. yup, i do believe it.


my abc upfronts picks

 apartment 23
good christian belles (BITCHES...i hate the ptc)
pan am
revenge (this will be cancelled fast)

watch the trailers here.


true blood season 4 trailer

bye bye tara

united states of tara was cancelled.
i'm emotionally distressed.

fave dc august 2011 cover solicits

 i love how batman's cape is the background.

 aquaman and wonder woman better stay bad ass after flashpoint.
 traci 13 has some power.

 seriously, this is modern and vintage at the same time. i want it as a giant poster.
 the greatest incarnation of the teen titans hits 100. love it.
so much drama in sector 2814.

fave marvel august 2011 cover solicits

 everyone's a spidey.
i just love avengers academy. best marvel book lately.


loving the upfronts per usual

what i plan on watching based off 4 minute clips...

playboy club
free agents
are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea
trailers are available here.

new girl
terra nova
trailers are available here.

what will you watch?


buffy parte ii

buffy is back...sorta.

the cw picked up ringer.