#DCTV logos coming this fall!

great way to brand the dc comics tv universe and tie in the comic book counterparts!


gotham season two promo

looking forward to all the villains coming sept. 21.


suicide squad trailer

the new suicide squad trailer looks amazing. so dark! it should be interesting to see how it plays into the dc cinematic universe.


happy birthday, robin!


dc comics is celebrating the 75th anniversary of robin this year and designed this amazing infographic of the many incarnations of batman's sidekick. stephanie brown is still my favorite!

the dc comics website has the full infographic.


batman: bad blood

super excited to see the introduction of batwoman into the dc animated universe and representation of a LGBT character!

more details announced on comicbookmovie.com.


fave october 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

loving the new spider-man outfit.

great artwork for captain america.

all i care about is old man logan in the main marvel universe.

looks like secret wars is going to have a huge ending.

yes, please. amazing.


fave october 2015 dc comics solicit covers

love the split cover. 

a whole new look for the justice league with batman's silly armor.

love, love, love the batman as a new god imagery. can't wait to see the other one-shot covers.

the spirals!

can't wait to see the original titans (ish) back together.


amazing batman moment

darkseid war is going pretty strong and i loved the latest issue of justice league. batman is basically the most powerful he has ever been!

more information at comicbook.com.


new batman vs superman trailer

this made me scream
the destroyed robin suit. 
wonder woman. 
the battles. 
i can't wait.


marvel's all-new, all-different relaunch

so many new marvel comics coming when the company starts its "all-new, all-different" relaunch this fall. below are a few i'm going to be picking up. see the full list and images on io9.


new volunteer project

Queer Tech Club

i'm excited to announce i will be helping queer tech club with their social media strategy and implementation.

be sure to check out the new facebook and twitter pages.