flashpoint pardox trailer

seriously looking forward to this dc animated movie.
more info on the movie here.


i rewrote a lana del ray song to reflect my birthday

"will you still love me when i am no longer twenty five and beautiful?" 
- lana del ray (tcarbz remix)


good bye, geoff johns

what a great run on green lantern! the ending was phenomenal with the closing of the hal and carol storyline. i'm interested to see if i still like the book once the new creative teams joins next month. i keep dropping dc books due to my lack of interest in the characters and storylines. i'm a bad fan!


true blood!

let's hope season six will be awesome.


fave august 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

 cyclops would try to stop that relationship.

i don't care for the spider-man books but i do love this cover.

um sweet idea.


fave august 2013 dc comics solicit covers

absolutely love old school dcau.

dc comics is obvi going to win this battle.

 sorta obsesssed with cliff chiang.


S.H.I.E.L.D. pick-up!

...and the marvel universe ventures into tv.
sorta really into this.


carrie will be back

i was starting to get worried that the carrie diaries would not be coming back!
it lives!


can't stop listening

the great gatsby soundtrack is going to be so outta control good.
lana del ray is incredible in this song.


batman, inc. #13

this cover of a repeating batman is genius. PURE GENIUS!
i am obsessed.