new fantastic four posters

this movie continues to look better. i am wondering how badly marvel wants this property. if it fails, i bet marvel can pull fantastic four back into its domain and make it part of the marvel cinematic universe.

more posters are available on ign.


fave july 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

so 90s.

love the red and silhouette.

very captain america 2 and spooky.


fave july 2015 dc comics solicit covers

this is incredible.

so much apokolips action.


the only teen titans go! variant that i like.


new trailer for 'batman vs. superman' coming monday!

this teaser will have to suffice for now. sadly, i didn't get imax tickets for the trailer release!



orange is the new black

this show just keeps getting better and better!
june can't come soon enough.


new "american horror story" funko figures

this is by far the best american horror story set available from funko!

more details here.