oh hey logan.


i just want to see how all these x-movies tie together! not super crazy about seeing this one. i'm sure the storyline will be decent. i'm just hoping for some x-cameos.


kick ass two

omgzzzz i want to see right now!


world war z

and now i want to see this movie.


fave june 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

 what's going in the age of ultron? multiple wolverines!

love me some jean grey.

great spidey concept.

is this some sort of mutant awareness campaign?

wolverine is always getting himself into trouble.

oh my.


gimme some veronica mars

i'm really looking forward to the new v. mars movie. love the success of the kickstarter campaign.


fave june 2013 dc comics solicit covers

so simple and so batman.

light and dark. i didn't like the first series and probably won't read this.

very comic book-y.

really? just bring back wally west.

hail hal jordan!


bat-family mourning covers

the mourning of robin takes over the covers of the upcoming bat books and they're all pretty awesome looking.

newsarama has all of them here.


see ya later, 90210

another cw show is ending!
i gotta say i love teen dramas and 90210 was one of the best ones.