the flash is coming!

barry allen is heading to starling city and i am so ready for that. i like arrow, but it's not my favorite show in the world. it is a little bit like smallville and needs something to amp up the superhero presence beyond speedy. hopefully barry will help.

the hollywood reporter has a sweet article with all the deets.



...and i am back. i went to galveston island for a week!

looking to relax in the sun and love history? definitely head to galveston.

we relaxed on the beach, went on a ghost tour, spotted dolphins on a harbor tour and ate so many tasty chocolates.


my new favorite playlist

totes my new favorite playlist for running along the lake. it's like reliving my high school years with lc and lo.


rip corey monteith

such sad news about corey monteith.
here's a little video of one my favorite performances.


fave october 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

 such small heroes in a sucha large city.

 love this classic x-men look.

a future iron man family?

 spidey romance. totes wishing it was like the next spidey movie.

i loathe the ultimate universe but love this cover.


fave october 2013 dc comics solicit covers

 this artwork. this batsuit. obsessed.

the zero year covers have been pretty incredible.

so elseworlds.

is this every new 52 bat villain in one cover?

3000! i hope it's just like dc one million.

girl power. so spice girls.


mad men catch up

i am finally catching up on this season's mad men and i am simply obsessed. peggy. press release. merger. i just can't. i am so obsessed. i am almost through the season and sad to see that there is only one more to go! i have a feeling it will be a great ending.


this cover and this couple

i seriously will buy this annual for a babs gordon and dick grayson love story. so pre-52.