marvel's cloak and dagger

so basically it's superheroes and gossip girl.
i am most definitely watching.
i'm hoping this crosses over with the marvel netflix shows!


batman/flash "button" variant covers

this one is my favorite variant cover for the story arc.

see the rest over on newsarama.


fave june 2017 marvel comics solicit covers

this is horrifying.

i'm actually looking forward to reading secret empire!

love the connecting covers with these secret empire tie-ins.

so very superman.

YASSS, vader.


fave june 2017 dc comics solicit covers

i want this print of aquaman. it's perfect.

love this.

the big dc summer event looks very elseworlds-y.

goodbye, new 52?


marvel's generations

alex ross artwork and legacy characters are my jam.

more information about the project on CBR.