is sinestro now called white lantern?

this came out of the blue...or white? i think most readers screamed at the last page of the latest issue of blackest night. i've seen fan sketches of hal jordan as the white lantern to save them all. i don't think anyone saw sinestro jumping ahead and claiming the power of the white entity. sweet art so far has been the only result of that little snatch...

who is the genius that made this?


"icons" sketch

i can't wait to get the icons: art of jim lee book. its available for pre-order on amazon already.


new nightmare on elm street poster

i think i am going to actually like this remake.


comic bubble generator

this could be dangerous or humorous.
create some 1960's dialogue here.



favorite may dc comics covers

more blue and yellow goodness in batman and robin.

i'm not sure if i'm comfortable with ganthet being a green lantern. its strange. i want to hear the explanation for that.

i cannot believe titans is switching over to a series headed by deathstroke. i wonder if that means cyborg, starfire, batman and donna are sticking with the justice league for awhile. i will be interested to see if dick grayson adopts the nightwing identity once bruce returns and if tempest will make a return since aquaman is. my ideal titans team would consist of dick grayson (nightwing), donna troy, arsenal, tempest and wally west (flash). it would be interesting to see that team train lian, impulse, robin, cerdian and sin to be the next wave of titans. that would be a sweet legacy team.


some want pics from toy fair 2010

obsidian, finally.

stephanie brown as batgirl. i'm not opposed to a follow up figure with stephanie brown as spoiler or robin. 

stargirl! YES! she has been one of my faves since stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

essentially, three of my favorite dc comics superheroes are getting the action figure treatment in a non-animated way. perfect.

favorite may marvel covers

i love these heroic age variants since they feature a classic avengers image that is straightforward. this one pretty much shows that the avengers are going to consist of marvel's top properties.
i can't believe how bulky iron man used to be.
marvel loves promoting girl heroes lately. girl heroes and an iron man movie character. they hit the possible jackpot with rescue.
i didn't know it was possible for dazzler to look so bad ass. that costume will always suck though.
i love adi granov covers. both of the above are his covers for the upcoming "second coming" storyline. the new mutants cover is incredible and it made me smile when i first saw it.

astonishing, marvel

marvel is relaunching the astonishing line as a reader friendly jump on point that is set in current marvel canon. that will work, right?

i do hope that part of their marketing plan is to advertise in new media places that aren't just where the current comic book reading target is if they want to be successful.

if marvel is able to reach new readers, the use of in continuity stories means that new readers can go from astonishing x-men or astonishing spidery/wolverine over to new mutants or spider-woman. this is a pretty decent idea from marvel since they build their current readership (if they aren't following x-men or spider-man) and gain new readers.

my issue with this astonishing line is that the costumes of the x-men do not match the rest of the x-men books. storm hasn't had a mohawk since 1985 and exposed breasts ever. emma looks as if she is from 1960. i do like scott's plan black outfit though; its very covert ops. i'm not going to mention wolverine's (lack of) costume...

seeing the use of marvel's bigger franchises, i'm sure an avengers astonishing book will come soon as well as a fantastic four one once the newly relaunched movie is announced. i've always been a fan of gaining comic book nerds. its a difficult task but, maybe this new initiative will work.


study break

i haven't been blogging this week due to increased working lately, finals and mad freelancing...now i'm back with a quick update before my database marketing final tonight.

these are two covers i came across on the source that i am obsessing over:

i pretty much love the new extended flash family. its pretty funny that three dead characters are back alive. comic book deaths just don't last. jesse needs to decide if she is a speedster or liberty belle. she changes her mind weekly. i hope impulse grows as a character in the new flash series. i don't understand why she isn't marketed to a younger demographic seeing as how she has a very limited back story and her stories can easily be deemed in continuity. get with the kid friendly comics, dc.

the blue/yellow theme in batman and robin is my favorite art concept lately.

i'll be back to regular updates as soon as this quarter is over.


nerdiest valentine's card EVER

4815162342 cards

somebody needs to send me lost inspired valentine's day cards asap. you have approximately 7 hours for it to be meaningful.

check out all the cards here by the adventuring company.


the seventh wave of blackest night figures.


today's source reveals

green lantern in the 31st century? count me in. possibly a new ring bearer as a result of the ones that sodam yat sent out? lets hope.

the cover to legacies is pretty sweet. i'm not sure if i will be overly obsessed with this series or if it will just be a nice summary of different generations of heroes. i do want to see how the new earth continuity is going to play out with the inclusion of characters from past universes into the current dc new earth timeline.

aquaman is back in brightest day! love this reflection cover. i wonder how he is going to be brought back. all they need to do is bring back martian manhunter and they can reform the justice league into the big seven.

sweet posters

albert exergian created some minamalist tv posters. i want to buy all of the ones from my favorite shows and cover the walls in my apartment. i think my favorite is the dexter one with true blood right behind. i might try some minamlist designs soon since i do like linear design.

check them out here on his tumblr.


detective comics #865

i'm an avengers, too

i'm so over the avengers reveals. none have been surprising seeing as how its cap, thor, iron man, hawkeye and spider-woman. the heroic age poster was definitely not an avengers line up. the secret avengers posters are pretty sweet though since they are all based on speculation.

however, the guys over at weekly crisis made a template to create your very own here. i think i'd rather be a secret avenger. i can't wait for that template...maybe i'll photoshop myself in it...that would be nerdy.


young justice cartoon

when i first read this leak last week, i died inside.

here's a summary of the reveal from titans tower
"it's Sorta THE Young Justice. They will be going out with this BIG TIME at Comic Con. From what I saw, it's Martian Girl, Aqualad, Nightwing, Impulse, Arrowette, and Connor Kent. The poster gives me the tone that it's a cross between JLU and TT. I liked the look a lot. It's not quite Timm-style, but it's not All Murikami'd out like Teen Titans. The kids were the focus of the poster, in the center, but The JL was behind them. it seems to be pretty on, too."

this might just blow away all former non-bruce timm universe series.

arrowette looks pretty sweet. aqualad is african american. i'm not sure how they are going to explain that? i really do wish that nightwing was robin/tim drake. i just hope that tim drake is not nightwing. the inclusion of nightwing and the lack of wonder girl and secret kinda throws off the whole dynamic but, i'm sure that martian girl will...add something to the mix. i'm sure there is the possibility that martian girl leaves and is replaced by secret and wonder girl. secret probably isn't used since she is a character created for the series with no justice league counterpart.

can you imagine this in bruce timm style? i would be speechless.

season or series finale?

i must say that i enjoyed the ending of heroes tonight. if it was the season finale, it definitely opened some new storyline possibilities. if it was the series finale, the show came full circle especially with claire's recording. the show has yet to be renewed...i'm leaning towards cancel. its had its time.

vote here on what you think should happen.

more second coming posters

my guess is domino dies. she isn't an important character. cable has been a mainstay in the x-books. he will be useless if hope joins the x-men as the possessor of the phoenix force so i guess there is a small possibility that he could be the one sacrificing himself. wolverine can't die since he is in every single marvel book (and a cash cow). archangel is an original. he would die and then come right back in two years. x-23 is too new to die and she probably can't since shes unstoppable. josh can't die, too.

i'm betting on domino or cable.

oh, hope. just bring back jean grey already.

new avengers cartoon

 looks way better than the old one even if the only image is a promotional poster.
the old cartoon wasn't that entertaining and had average art:

the new show has a mature tone so it wont be anything like batman: brave and the bold. GOOD.
find out more here.

incredible cover

i don't even like harry osborn. i can't get over the layout & colors.


the losers trailer

this looks sweet.

i don't like


seriously, the first issue was the #1 comic book for january according to diamond's figures.
nothing happend in the issue was that important.
the only scene i liked in issue #2 was the death of ares by the sentry.
i stopped pulling siege: embedded, too.
over it.


should have seen this coming

anti-monitor is back.
i highly doubt he will really be gone this time either.