young justice cartoon

when i first read this leak last week, i died inside.

here's a summary of the reveal from titans tower
"it's Sorta THE Young Justice. They will be going out with this BIG TIME at Comic Con. From what I saw, it's Martian Girl, Aqualad, Nightwing, Impulse, Arrowette, and Connor Kent. The poster gives me the tone that it's a cross between JLU and TT. I liked the look a lot. It's not quite Timm-style, but it's not All Murikami'd out like Teen Titans. The kids were the focus of the poster, in the center, but The JL was behind them. it seems to be pretty on, too."

this might just blow away all former non-bruce timm universe series.

arrowette looks pretty sweet. aqualad is african american. i'm not sure how they are going to explain that? i really do wish that nightwing was robin/tim drake. i just hope that tim drake is not nightwing. the inclusion of nightwing and the lack of wonder girl and secret kinda throws off the whole dynamic but, i'm sure that martian girl will...add something to the mix. i'm sure there is the possibility that martian girl leaves and is replaced by secret and wonder girl. secret probably isn't used since she is a character created for the series with no justice league counterpart.

can you imagine this in bruce timm style? i would be speechless.

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