guardians of the galaxy

this could end up being my favorite marvel universe movie.


fave may 2014 dc comics solicit covers

 i seriously love batman beyond.
the expanded beyond comic universe is very elseworlds.

i can't with lois lane. so much tude.

i don't know what is going on here, but i love it. so much dc weekly action.

i will buy anything with stargirl.


fave may 2014 marvel solicit covers

i don't care for spidey girl, but i do like this. so modern. so ultimate.

i love seeing alex ross covers. he is my absolute fave.

 spidey jr.


loving this layout. the repeating character names really do it for me. uh...and they look pretty ass especially marrow who is usually pretty awful.


i started to doubt girls just a bit

until beach house happened.
sorry, it's just like real.
it's not 90210, the carrie diaries or the oc.
if you're not watching girls, you should.