girls season six

i can tell this is going to be a stellar ending to my favorite show.


fave march 2017 marvel comics solicit covers


venom and laura are quite the combo.

loving this couple!

a very x-men style pose.


fave march 2017 dc comics solicit covers

can't wait to read all about batwoman again.

seriously obsessed with this cover and the legacy concept.

so classic.



spider-man: homecoming trailer

it looks basically a spider-man and iron man team-up movie.
i'm going opening night.


fave february 2017 marvel comics solicit covers

love how it looks like spider-man is in the walking dead.

the new dynamic duo.

one of my favorite characters growing up is getting his own series!


fave february 2017 dc comics solicit covers

batwoman looking amazing as always.

the original teen titans are back.


fave january 2017 dc comics solicit covers

catwoman is back!

batwoman covers always are the best.

so ready for another LGBT comic.

excited to see how the kamandi challenge plays out.

the multiverse!

hoping this reveals more about the dc universe.


fave january 2017 marvel comics solicit covers

captain marvel being the best per usual.

very halloween looking.

loving this relationship.

this is basically the netflix show.


logan trailer


x-23! the future! now how does this all fit into x-men movie continuity?


my childhood loves dc & boom

justice league / mighty morphin power rangers is happening.

more information on the la times.


the second rogue one trailer

this is looking better and better. 
interested to see how it all fits into the larger story.


fave december 2016 marvel comics solicit covers

i would be okay with her being the next captain america.

gamora FTW.

pretty sure i am going to love this book.

classic re-creation.

thor is back.

oh hey, ladies.


fave december 2016 dc comics solicit covers

love a good holiday cover.

hal, kyle & a ton of guardians.

this is so pre-flashpoint.



"love is love" from dc comics & idw

can't wait to pick up the new love is love special from dc comics and idw in december. 

more details on newsarama.


passengers trailer

looks awesome. 
chris pratt and jennifer lawrence can do no wrong!


fave november 2016 dc comics solicit covers

is this a pride flag?

bat kids in continuity. it's like the 1970's again.

loving wonder woman in this.


fave november 2016 marvel comics solicit covers

very cool designs for the spider-family.

loving the animated black panther.

that eye though.

so much foreshadowing.

marvel's dream is for this to be happening to all the x-men.


ready for december

happy to see another star wars movie coming out so soon.


fave october 2016 marvel comics solicit covers

the colors!

this book seems like the marvel version of the teen titans, which i'm totally okay with.

finally some answers.

loving the mashup of doom and iron man.


doctor strange is coming

still can't decide if i am psyched for this since it's a completely different take than any marvel movie and will be weird. regardless, i will see it.