you can buy me this

the batgirl statue from the batman: animated series.

so many great toys coming from toyfair.

image: toyark.com



fave may 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

love this art.

a very powerful storyline revisited! can't wait.

this cover has a lot going on.

i sorta always love spider-gwen covers.

oh hey, storm.

female heroes always win.

is this the future line-up of the marvel cinematic universe avengers?


fave may 2015 dc comics solicit covers

kingdom come is back!

batgirl and nightwing together is basically the best thing to come out of this storyline.

classic justice society! legacy! let's keep that going, dc comics.

this image wasn't part of the solicits, but i'm obsessed with it and its similarity to crisis on infinite earths.



marvel is ready for the darker side of the marvel cinematic universe.
i think the whole hell's kitchen realm will take away from the main battles that are stereotypical superhero settings and look more into the everyday people fighting crime.
the new jessica jones series will definitely play into that element.


freelancing 24/7

i've been acting as marketing manager for a local start-up theater company, cor theatre. i have been assisting with the social content, email marketing, graphic design and overall marketing strategy. it's been a pretty great experience working with a young company creating interesting theatre. be sure to check out "a map of virtue."


unbreakable kimmy schmidt

this looks super silly and amazing.
totally going to watch it.


C2E2 2015

i'm getting super excited for this year's C2E2.
i always love their poster since it features chicago and the latest key superheroes.
it also looks like my favorite, dc comics, will have a booth since they are a partner this year!