i'm joining a freak show in october

the next season theme of american horror story is a carnival. it's also jessica lange's last season of american horror story which means i'll be crying for a long, long time.

i'm not quite sure if the next season will top coven. it was simply the best.


days of future past


pretty awesome.

the trailer is incredible as well as the rest of the marketing efforts.

i am really ready for this movie to come out.


obsessed with girls again

the av club has a really amazing review of the season three finale of girls.


fave june 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

i don't know much about black cat. she just looks fierce here.

 so emo.

so vintage looking.

 so many heroes.

simple wolverine covers always get my attention.


fave june 2014 dc comics solicit covers

i'm so interested in knowing every last detail of wally west.

just loving the design on this one. the superboy book is lame though.


the new flash costume

i am loving the new flash costume. it's very new 52 with a dash of CW. i might become obsessed with the new TV show if it gets picked up.



this could be my new favorite tv show if it's done well.
it gets an A in my book for effort due to The OC connection.


so happy

looking was renewed. seriously, give it a chance. it's one of the best shows on tv and nothing like girls.