katie and i met this man who happens to be our favorite author on tuesday at the music box:

you can be jealous. its okay. the experience was incredible. i'm starting you better not cry as soon as i finish reading my current book.


v's ethical marketing

finals have taken over my life. my finals "week" has gone from last thursday and doesn't end until monday evening at 9 p.m. this has resulted in a lack of updates since i always seem to have word and power point open finishing group projects.

if loyola taught me one thing, its ethics. ya know the old slogan: "rely on your ethics, not your blackberry" or however that witty ad went.

the marketers behind v decided to not skywrite red v's in the sky due to the pollution involved in the process. pretty ethical of them. it would have been pretty neat to see that above lake michigan. i know i would have been running outside to snap a quick photo with my blackberry.


sweet january covers.

prometheus is pretty bad ass. i like his inclusion in cry for justice and hope that it his role in the dcu will be expanded.
so simple yet so emotional.
parallax is back? hal jordan changing outfits? guess we will see.
the leader of the x-men at his finest.
just plain cool image of mysterio.

looks like something big is going to happen. i'm not sure if i like the event branding for siege. it seems a little wide for a comic book cover.


no more bangs.

last night's ugly betty premiere was incredible.

catch up here and be sure to watch since friday night shows tend to get the ax due to the lack of viewers. if anything, watch the last 5 minutes of part II to see how betty has matured as a character from the first season.

pop watch has some funny lines from last night, too.

my tv series survival status report

i love these reports on what will most likely stay and what will most likely be canceled each season.

i couldn't agree more with the the live feed.

in terms of what i watch:

  • heroes isn't as good as it used to be. there is a main character death coming up but, i think they have something along the lines of that each season. as usual, it will draw viewers.
  • the jay leno show is pretty much the tonight show at a different time. it really can't get but much better than that and i am pretty much obsessed with conan o'brien.
  • glee will stick around because its all people talk about and it has a full season order.
  • fringe is pretty good still. i love alternate universe theories and mutations. its very x-men.
  • cougartown was picked up for the season. i must admit i love a show that is targeted to forty year old women.
  • i liked flashforward. i just need to watch the past two episodes. its very lost-ish.
  • desperate housewives gets better each episode. there is a similar formula to each season but, it doesn't get old.
  • gossip girl cannot be described in words due to how amazing it is.
  • 90210 is very cheesy and i often ponder why i watch.
  • melrose place is starting to get better than 90210. i can't handle that ashlee simpson-wentz is a complete psycho and the sweet med student is a prostitute working for kimber. i'm wondering who the character death is. i'm hoping its not ella. don't kill the pr girl!
  • smallville needs to be renamed metropolis. the upcoming look into the 31st century, the introduction of the wonder twins, and the arrival of the jsa should help to boost my loving for the show.
i guess we'll see how this plays out over the coming months.


diamond retailer summit & more

exciting comic book news was announced in the past two days due to the summit as well as through twitter:

i only included those few links since that's what i find exciting. blackest night shipping alone will be very different and hopefully help gain market share from marvel for the month.

first wave may be interesting despite that noir was just done by marvel.

i need to get back to homework.

survey help please

bored? click the image above (if you are familiar with the chicago area) to take a survey about the adler planetarium for my marketing research class. its free, voluntary and takes about 5 minutes. thanks!



click above to enter to win one of five signed copies of was superman a spy? from comic book resources. its been on my amazon wish list for a few months so i would love to win a copy!


january bat covers

updates are going to be sporadic this week thanks to back surgery yesterday. surgery went well though, i am just limited in movement and the amount of time i can sit down. i'm still going to be productive though since i have alot of school work to do! anyways, here are some sweet january bat covers (via the source).



this trailer makes me nostalgic:

for this:
matmata.sahara desert.tunis.



that looks incredible.

sunday morning.

currently unproductive since dr. horrible's sing-along blog is available in full on hulu.

i cannot wait for the sequel. joss whedon is an amazing man.


what a way to end friday

a gossip girl teaser site for monday's episode featuring hilary duff.

i mean is that really necessary?

in other news, i just watched the hills and got dumber. i don't know if my #bringbacklc tag on twitter is going to go viral. let's hope.


i'm upset that chicago didn't win for 2016.

i must admit rio does have a pretty good ad though:


seth rogen as the green hornet
(via the movie blog)

oh really?

a marvel comics spider-woman music video.


jl: crisis on two earths preview

i bought the superman/batman: public enemies movie on tuesday. i thought it was pretty decent. i love when non-mainstream characters are used in features meant for wide audiences. i did love the special features including the preview for the upcoming crisis on two earths movie since i love alternate reality stories.

check out this for some more information on the upcoming release.

most iconic covers

comic book resources completed their most iconic covers master list for september.

its posted here.

in my opinion, this should have been the most iconic batgirl cover:

& this is definitely a very iconic image of sinestro even though its recent: