vegas vacation

i just got back from a long weekend vegas. it was a pretty decent time and i am definitely not a billionaire. sad.

first cancellation!


i watched this show on the way to vegas and all i did was get mad at the main character. i wanted to punch him in the face for the full 60 minutes. i guess i can keep my anger in check now on monday nights.

via ausiello.


abz joke sometimes

i'm watching the babysitter's club movie and writing press releases for work.
not real.

fave december 2010 marvel covers

this cover just shows how far the x-men have come since the 60's.

i bet this outfit doesn't stick around.

pretty sweet art.

i love S.H.I.E.L.D. covers.

a nice little collage cover.

wildstorm closes

i can't say i'm surprised. the wildstorm books rarely if ever hit the top 100 books. i'll remain happy as long as the vertigo imprint doesn't close. i never really got into the authority, wetworks, top 10 and wildcats.

full story here.

what happened to finn's head and side?

he looks just a tad off in the season 2 promo posters.

the walking dead

this looks incredible.



looking good.

art by eric merced.

fave december 2010 dc comics covers

omgz what is this green lantern guardian?

i just love nguyen.

i love the blending of batman and hush.

so sad. poor booster.

this is the worst and best cover of the month. i never want to see oracle dead. that art! amaze.

this is straight out of a horror movie.

obsessed. vectors? clipping masks? bright colors? superheroes? YES.

guy = bad ass.

watercolors? love it.

dc one million! no wayz. this event made me more obsessed with dc comics than life.

sadly, i like this cover.


what if superheroes were hipsters?

by far one of the most genius ideas ever.
this has to be my favorite: batman + twitter.

ain't no party like an s club party.

seriously, i have no idea what made me find this music video.



green lantern licensed product spotted.

i expect alot more licensed green lantern products as the movie gets closer.

learn more about glo-balls on comics alliance.


amazing spider-man six forty one.

i cannot agree more with the weekly crisis:
One Moment In Time might have been an ill-conceived idea, but no one can argue against the strength of Paolo Rivera's art, and this cover is good example of why. Visually striking, and incredibly memorable, I think this cover is bound to become a classic one remembered for years to come.

creative 404 error pages

i am obsessed with mashable.
it inspires ideas.

view more 404 pages here.


my last day at my first job

i am moving onto a new position tomorrow. it will be a pretty big change from my current job.

i will no longer by sharing my cube with my best friend and we will no longer be able to wearing our matching toms that we purchased one day during lunch.



in memoriam: rich cronin of lfo

i had an unhealthy obsession with the two lfo albums in junior high.
super sad that rich cronin passed away due to leukemia today.
(via MTV)

this arrived today!

i have been home for four hours and i've worked out and watched two episodes of skins.
productive? yes.

uncanny x-force trailer

x-force is a pretty sweet concept.
deadpool is not.


rolling stone didn't photoshop the mad men cover

 this is a joke, right?
someone was paid to make a picture of beautiful people look better and this was the result?