coven's main title

seriously i cannot wait for american horror story.
 this is by far the creepiest title they've done so far.
two weeks from tonight!


fave december 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

very house of m.

i don't know what is going on here, but it looks cool.

i loved loved loved wolverine origin so i am sure i will adore the sequel.

i can't not love a young avengers cover especially when it features the team.


netflix and i are best friends lately

seriously, skins volume 7. i watched the first two episodes on some shady website since i don't get e4. netflix getting the latest season of a british show two months after its aired is pretty AMAZING.


fave december 2013 dc comics solicit covers

this is eerie.

spliced batman and two-face?

all i want for christmas is a great future justice league book.

loving this reverse of the justice league #1 cover.

i don't support this book, but i do support a wonder woman/superman separation.


totes obsessed with horror story witches

this looks INCREDIBLE.
jessica lange! evan peters! taissa farmiga!
 this is basically season one with witches.


kill your darlings

i really want to see this.
harry potter is all grown up.


i am screaming over this poster

can oct. 9 come sooner please?
i need me some american horror story witches!


see ya, sookie

true blood is ending next season and i'm okay with this.
it sorta has overstayed its welcome on tv with their season six antics.