(fringe + dc comics) x alternate earths = AMAZING POSSIBILITIES

my favorite is a close tie between the red arrow and red lantern cover since its a classic cover that define the two characters and the crisis cover with supergirl holding superman.

check the article here with side-by-side comparisons of the actual and fringe covers.


pick you super power please

what an awesome table. i want to pick all of them. i think my favorite part is "the sub-legionic powers." check out the large version here.


i'm kinda busy...

graduating with my master's in integrated marketing communications!
sadly, i still have two summer school classes.
i did the fake graduation walk across the stage like most people in attendance.
here are me and my little sisters after graduation.

graduation day reminds me of this:
who else was obsessed with this mini-series?

favorite marvel august 2010 solicits covers

does mj die?
competing for spider-man's love.

seriously amazing use of the blue.

i can't get over this x-men vampire storyline"thing." i can't decide if i'm a fan or i just know that marvel is doing this to jump on the vampire bandwagon.

clearly, i have a slight spider-man love going on this month. nothing else really drew my attention at first (and second) glance.


batman kinda looks deformed. this should have been a dc direct figure and not a classics figure.


the cape

i guess this is how nbc is replacing heroes.

read about the cancellation of heroes here. i think i'm going to be pretty obsessed with the cape.


new poster for the next narnia. aslan is the name of my future lion, too.

fave dc comics august solicitation covers

awesome new art of the classic teen titans. i wish that doom patrol guy wasn't in there.

i love the gang like jokers. it's very batman beyond.

green arrow got the promethus treatment.

i like the concept of earth one. it reminds me alot of the ultimate universe. i hope batman has a sweet outfit.

bad ass green lanterns.

i've been waiting for a male star sapphire.

i like that superman is starting to get back to his normal planet watching behavior.

i cannot handle this image.


true blood season 3 trailer

the current status of ryan choi

bleeding cool has a follow up to their article last week about legacy characters that breaks down the deaths of minority characters in dc comics. check it out here.


new true blood poster

i'm seriously getting excited for alcide.

useless introduction of legacy characters?

last week's the racial politics of regressive storytelling hit the death of legacy characters right on the head.

yup, that was a spoiler to the titans special...

why is everyone hating "across the sea"?

i seriously just loved this episode.
it explained SO much.


too late for a super moms post?

i was going to blog about superhero moms on mother's day but ran out of time preparing for my last final. i had my last final tonight and i am in "summer" for two weeks so expect more blogging. anyway, here are some super moms:

scarlet witch

black canary


invisible woman


batman & robin #13

damian vs the joker. this is going to be out of control.

hector hammond!

this is creepy but i can't wait for more green lantern images!

(via the movie blog)


this week's true blood ad

this is definitely my favorite now. i loved VILF but, VAMP STAMP is too amazing to not be the best one.


cinco de mayo supers

finals are almost down so in the mean time expect only a few posts! in honor of cinco de mayo, it's time to celebrate with some latino superheroes:


blue beetle


kyle rayner is half mexican so he counts :)