i am very surprised that blackest night #6 was leaked on forums. you would think that tape across boxes stating that the issue can't be released until december 30th would be honored. it all comes down to ethics! i'm sure people will search out some spoilers...i know i did. regardless, i am still buying the issue since all i read were spoilers. i need an entire issues of amazingness and blackest night always fulfills that.

happy birthday!

the brilliant stan lee is celebrating his 87th birthday today!

follow him on twitter at @smilinstanlee


favorite dc comics march solicts covers

damian is so bad ass. i hope the return of bruce straightens him out a bit.

barry allen is back and has been featured on some pretty neat covers lately. the trend seems to be continuing into march.

whoa, dc. a little gorey cover for arsenal, eh?

i need to start reading secret six solely based on cover art.

LOVE THIS. classic 1960's titans.

next wave of bn figures hit in august.

blackest night batman, hawkman, deadman and nekron.

i might throw a temper tantrum over how bad i want this.

favorite marvel march solicits covers

hope is back in the present and of course, its the "BIGGEST X-MEN EVENT IN YEARS." ya know, the same marketing technique event after event: the use of BIGGEST and YEARS IN THE MAKING. we, comic book fans, get it. its a huge turning point for the x-books...again.

this should be an iconic rogue cover for the next decade.

i'm not a fan of necrosha. this cover is just SWEET. i'm glad its over though. i'm only buying since i love how dark the storyline is. the concept is too close to blackest night.


upcoming covers of earlier times

lets hope tim and stephanie get back together in red robin like they were in their high school year stories. it would be very reminiscent of the 70's stories of barbara and dick as robin and batgirl, respectively. i grew up reading both so it was be perfect.

i hope that green lantern and green arrow act as the mentors for the legacy members of batman, donna troy and mon-el in the new line up in the core jla book. this cover is AWESOME.


iron man 2 viral marketing begins...

the start of the "iron man 2" viral marketing campaign is here! its very reminiscent of the "watchmen" viral campaign and the news clips that were on the new frontiersmen website. unfortunately, that amazing website is no longer in existence. i'm hoping "the iron man 2" campaign spreads into some fun youtube videos that show whats been going on since the last movie. it looks as if there will be secret websites and codes used from the highlighted words. i'm getting hyped for this and i'm sure it'll be a huge hit like the original.


get in the holiday spirit.

watch the classic o.c. episode, "the best christmukkah ever" from season 1 on the wb.

can't handle watching it but, still love the entire idea of an o.c. chrismukkah: wiki summary.

i wish the o.c. was still on tv. too bad they killed off marissa and the show failed. the season finale was a tearjerker and made up for the two seasons of bad episodes that ran before it. there's nothing like the first two seasons.


loving the source this week

i am way behind in blogging this week due to midterms week which is also the last week before winter break. loyola has the graduate school of business on this weird schedule for winter quarter where its five weeks of classes then five weeks of break then five weeks of the same classes! its very high school. i don't know if i'm going to like that very much. regardless...


the wonderful blog editors behind the source have been putting out information about the big dcu events in 2010...

the first announcement was earth one origin stories about batman and superman in ongoing graphic novel formats. its clearly for new readers since its origin stories on a new earth. this new earth one seems very ultimate comics-esque which is really convenient for new comic book readers. its a way to market to new readers that don't need to be aware of all the latest happenings in the dcu. i hope the price tag is around $3.99. no one is going to start reading a series at $4.99.

the second announcement was war of superman. it looks like a superman version of a large blackest night event, much like all the other iconic character limited series lately. i do love these series since they can change the direction for characters and allow them to diversify storylines. i'm not sure if it can out do blackest night.

the third announcement was that wonder woman was going back to her classic numbering at #600. honestly, i don't care. i haven't been a huge fan of the wonder woman books lately.

the fourth announcement was the return of bruce wayne! i am REALLY excited for this but, i do love the current direction of the bat books. by the way, batgirl today was AMAZING. there's alot of stephanie brown hatred going around that i don't agree with. the dialogue between damian and stephanie was really creative and interesting, too.

the fifth announcement was the addition of andy clarke on batman & robin. if you click the link, you can see all the sketches. i highly recommend.

i can't wait to see what else is announced this week!


sweet new legion cover

the source posted the cover to adventure comics #8.
i can pretty much be counted in for anything that deals with the new earth legion.
the cover layout is obviously showing that the two teams (one in present day and one in the future) will be meeting up again in this upcoming superman crossover in the summer.
it just started getting cold and i can't wait for summer now.


no break for nip/tuck

nip/tuck is sadly ending much sooner than expected. instead of taking a break between each part of the season, its running straight through (with the exception of a short winter break) for a series finale in march according to thr. it was ridiculous while it lasted.

and the big bad for buffy season 8 is...

president obama. REALLY? love the tease though. i can't wait to find out who twilight really is. this cbr interview with scott allie says there's many hints. i really thought it was riley but, it doesn't seem that way anymore.


pretty funny video

i can't believe the perverted actions of people have gotten to the point that there are PSAs about it.



she's moving from friday night death to the wednesday comedy block on abc.



i've been posting alot of videos lately. they're all just really amazing...