billy the gay vampire slayer

there will finally be a gay male vampire slayer. watch out, buffy.

out has the full story here.


top 10 comic book character deaths

 newsarama posted a countdown of the top character deaths. i couldn't agree more with the list.

stephanie brown would probably be my top death though. she was killed during war crimes and then ultimately wiped out of continuity. sad day for spoiler/robin/batgirl. she is my fave. bring her back, dc!


fave december 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

 so very lord of the flies.

 cyclops is so dang moody.

the sweetest cover ever. what a brilliant idea.

of course, cable is back.

that would be scary.


fave december 2012 dc comics solicit covers

great design.

batman plus the joker and a grin. who made all these awesome covers?

looking good silk spectre.

you cool, baz.

nightwing drowning in a sea of joker cards.

new gods! wonder woman! YES!


goodbye to weeds

so very bittersweet. 
no mention of celia though which upsets me.
i teared up at the scene above.
the characters have developed so much since the first season.
e! has some thoughts here.


parks & recreation

today is my two year anniversary in parks and recreation!


good bye, pre-new 52?

bleeding cool described this scene from captain atom#12:

This issue, gives two very strong moments of note. The first, looking at the edge of the known DC Universe sees another universe being wiped out by this one.

Is this the event that occurred at the end of Flashpoint? Is the original Old DC Universe being wiped out constantly by the new? Is this meta commentary on comic book reality…  mourning what was lost for the reboot a year ago? Is it a planned reboot? Is it something to hang a whole crossover on?

i just wish dc comics would go back to the old universe. i'm missing all my heroes!


which green lantern are you?

the source had this little quiz up the other day.

 i'm kyle rayner who also happens to be my favorite green lantern.


is jean grey back?

if jean is back, i hope she slaps emma frost.


new avengers line-up

is anyone surprised that the new avengers line-up includes the movie avengers? we know your games, marvel. uh, cannonball? that's a random addition.


the gatsby party

i was so roaring 20s for the gatsby affair this weekend.
i'm now slightly obsessed with bowties.

the new normal

 i watched nbc's the new normal last night on xfinity. obsessed. it was hilar. babies and gays remind me of andersonville.

catch it sept. 11 or watch it now online.


get downward dogging

it's national yoga month.

make sure to hit up corepower lincoln square.