where is the series 5 trailer for skins uk?

will these kids be cool?!

acoustic teenage dream by d.criss

later incarnation of the justice league

seriously this team looks dumb. this continue my love/hate relationship with generation lost. 
 plastic man and martian manhunter are THE worse.

currently obsessed with

the firebreather movie was awesome. i hope this becomes a live action show. it would be pretty sweet if they started doing adaptations of other image books like dynamo five, invincible or noble casuses.


happy t-gives

fave february 2011 dc comics solicits covers

sweet cover of zatanna as a puppet

streets of gotham just has amazing covers in general.

batwoman starts :)

i'm interested to see what interior art will looks like since the covers are nice.

dead speedsters. usual dc.

i love limited color covers.

namor dressed as superboy?

fave february 2011 marvel solicits covers

i am really into this evil looking x-cast cover for some reason. please note i still have x-men vs. vampires.

clearly all hell breaks loose with the faux x-men team.

i am in love with these covers month after month.

peter parker decides to not be spider-man again...SOHL.

love the pencil design here.


doomsday reigns?

can we not kill superman again?
k thanks.


stop it, skins us

i'm falling in love.

teenage dream - glee

i have literally died about 300 times.
i say 300 times because it has been playing on repeat since 8:30 a.m.


remember when you vote today in illinois...

glee has taken over the world, but billy brady probz won't.