fave november 2011 marvel solicits covers.

 so x-men.

nice look at the current ultimate universe.

a death in fear itself? no way.


new orleans

i spent the weekend in new orleans falling in love with the south. i am pretty obsessed with ghosts and vampires there. everyone talks like true blood, but no one admitted to being a vampire. what's up with that?
 cable cars.

haunted everything.


glee project finale video

i don't like the show that much but awesome video!


fave dc comics november 2011 solicitations

 all the robins in one cover...obsessed.

 this is like 1970 part two. i still want stephanie under the cowl.

 deadman looks a lil' cool.
um a flash silhouette with a horse inside in the clouds of a city...i think this will become my favorite book based solely off covers. 

this is like a bruce timm green lantern. this animated series had better be the best thing since batman: the animated series.

wonder woman, you are so bad ass.


fave dc comics october 2011 solicits

 pretty cool little group. i think i might love this series.

 comic book cover or advertisement?

 can't get over babs in the batgirl costume. this will be in every single one of my favorite covers.

stop it, flash. you're too cool lately.

the new spider-man is african american

always gotta make the news, marvel. i wouldn't thank your pr team. just credit your ingenious ideas that "modernize" comic books...

Italian artist Sara Pichelli, who was integral in designing the new Spider-Man's look, says, "Maybe sooner or later a black or gay — or both — hero will be considered something absolutely normal." 

please define look, usa today.

fave marvel october 2011 solicits

i have been so bad with updating due to moving to my new apartment and being super busy at work. i should get better at this as soon as fall blows in. anyways, november solicits come out like next week and i still haven't updated october's...whoops!

 a little classic x-men, some cyclops walking off the side. dramatic.

 havok returns with some badassdom.

 iron man just looks sweet.