fave january 2012 dc solicits covers

poor bats.

 batwoman covers are always the best.

 cyborg joins the justice league and takes over the cover. dumb.

 hate harley quinn now. sweet text on the cover though.

just loving the motion of kid flash around superboy.


fave december 2011 marvel solicits covers

 i wish this was 3-D. i'm glad x-23 is joining avengers academy, the best avengers book out on the market.

 well obviously cable wasn't going to stay dead.

 classic take on a modern cover.

 just ridiculously good.

 wait this is or isn't real?

 nightcrawler, really?

rogue looks perfect.


someone like you cover

watch this immediately.

no mo crisis

i am really over dc comics.

let's just ruin everything by removing every single crisis.