i just can't stop listening. i'm totally and completely obsessed with 'i wanna get better' and 'rollercoaster.'



the new thor

she takes the lead in the much needed diversity initiative in comic books. good job, marvel.

businessweek has a nice piece on the recent news of an african american captain america and a female thor.


fave october 2014 marvel comics solicit covers

 so ultimate universe looking.

 may start reading avengers books again if they're going to be bringing in new teen avengers.

this is just creepy.

guardians or x-men/avengers knock-offs?

sad nightcrawler. great cover.

i just love anything with cyclops using his beam.


fave october 2014 dc comics solicit covers

so looking forward to this new series.

i literally love the new batgirl costume and the direction the book is going.

i guess i love every bat book cover this month.

so earth-2. i'm hoping i become re-engrossed in this earth. i stopped reading it for awhile.

i have yet to dislike a grayson cover.

it's like a modern day first appearance of superman.


you can buy me this

dc collectibles designer series greg capullo batgirl action figure