the source weekly cover round up

flash as a blue lantern. SWEET LIFE.

a reinterpretation of the classic green lantern cover.

its official. the fifth world is here. i'm wondering if the new gods will go by orion, barda and mr. miracle.

love the spectrum fighting the parallax infested hal jordan.

oh yeah, batman?


new avengers line up...

or is it? marvel didn't confirm it with newsarama either. it could just be heroes that are prominent in this new "heroic age"

i definitely see it as a possibility for an avengers line up. theres definitely captain america, thor and iron man on the team. spider-man and hawkeye joining the team would not be abnormal since they are on the current new avengers line up. beast just left the x-men so that would make sense since he has been an avengers member in the past. black widow is tied to iron man, in the upcoming movie and could probably be swayed onto the team. gorilla-man would be the equivalent of the justice league's congorilla. the only hero in this image that i don't see on the avengers is: the thing. he could have got into an arugment with the fantastic four and quit? i guess only time will tell.

fall 2010 season issues

let's start with the fact that ugly betty was cancelled. then, the cw ordered two pilots: la femme nikita and a project set on a horse farm in wyoming by the palladinos. please don't remake a tv show that has been remade already twice. clearly, its not that cool. for whatever reason, the female operative thing reminds me of dollhouse. i'm sorry but, a WYOMING HORSE FARM. is this little house on the prairie 2010? let's hope for some more promising pilots and less cancellations of brilliant shows for fall 2010.

picture perfect

classic young justice from this month's adventure comics.
where is arrowette?
the team would be complete with the addition of her.
those five need to take over the teen titans book asap.

image via weekly crisis.


second coming teases

oh marvel and your event teases...

i'm sure the x-writers want someone so unexpected like magneto to fill the role of x-leader.

the next poster with scott mourning at a grave site is probably the death of emma. emma's death would mean scott needs to stop leading the x-men due to an emotional breakdown thus allowing magento to become leader.



boarding pass redesigns

i ran across this website, BOARDING PASS/FAIL, while doing some research at my new internship.

check out all these redesigned boarding passes which make them more eye pleasing aesthetically and in some cases, more colorful here.

you're most likely going to keep a boarding pass for a scrapbook if its a sweet and unique trip. why have a dull looking pass? come on, airlines.



you can buy me it here.

classic buffy

favorite dc comics 2010 solicitations

i want super-wonder babies asap.

please insert batgirl into this image ASAP.

stargirl is amazing.

the new guardians? obsessed. this will never last.

robin is officially way more bad ass than batman lately.

legit my all time favorite image of batgirl...ever.


official absolute justice poster

favorite marvel april 2010 solicitation covers

classic jean & wolverine. i don't even read this book. i just love this cover. i wish jean would come back. in the current 616 reality.

oh boy. emma is pure evil. i've been wondering if her real evil side is going to come out. i would imagine it'll be a result of jean returning to scott. hope definitely has a connection to jean.

great spidey sense drawing of peter parker.

just plain sweet!


another absolute justice preview.

the above special clip furthered my love for the source.

i will be geeking out the entire absolute justice movie. my goal is to find every easter egg!

that sweet JSA roster painting was done by this brilliant artist: rodolfo migliari. check out his blog with tons of comic art. i've been loving his work on green lantern and blackest night.

absolute justice premieres february 5th on the cw.


my skins series 4 obsession

dcu 2010: a week in review

the source was out of control (OOC) this week with updates about the major events in 2010. here's a rundown with some thoughts:

it looks like there will definitely be a "white lantern" on its way with the conclusion of blackest night. i'm really interested in this biweekly series. i hope it really does encompass more than the green lantern characters.

oh bruce wayne. i really don't understand why your comeback book looks so similar to captain america: reborn. his time period costumes are going to be ridiculous.

the birds of prey are back! this used to be one of my favorite titles until its cancellation. i have always been barbara's biggest fan and she is the center of this book. i'm trying to determine who the shadowed figure is in the back. misfit? batgirl? i think stephanie could learn alot from these super ladies.

the original legion of super-heroes returns after their storyline with superman in spring. i'm glad a legion book is back on the market. its such a neat concept and there's so much foreshadowing that can be done in the present time that can be seen later in the 31st century.

 deathstroke leading a group of titans is weird. like is this going to restart the numbering on the titans book? it didn't even reach 25 issues. the entire run so far has been an emotional mess. of course, chesire is on the team since roy harper is the center of dcu 2010 for whatever reason. i'm very indifferent on this new direction.

 oh hey barry allen hey. love you, love your speed force circa 1985.

another milestone character, the fox, gets some comic coverage. sadly, i dropped the web and shield books. its really not doing anything for me. i looked over some reports on sales, too, and it doesn't look like anyone is reading them.

games is only like 20 years in the works. it better live up to the hype. i love the 1980's costumes.

oh ya know the JLA & JSA teaming up as usual. i've been wondering who the light figure is in the middle. maybe starfire? shes a wreck lately. maybe she becomes something like the phoenix.

the JLI is back, too. i'm wondering if they're going to bring in the new blue beetle. only half of their team is dead. they may need some new quirky members.

its all about the arrow family in 2010. i really love these three connecting covers. its already been revealed that roy gets a supercharged prosthetic arm. i hope he goes crazy on prometheus at some point. it looks like conner will be included in the little family gathering. i wonder if mia will be.

this has to be the most unexpected reveal of the week and it seems as if dc thinks its their greatest: a weekly book set in the universe of the dcuo mmorpg. all i'm saying is if the first issue sucks, i'm saving my $2.99 for the next 51 weeks. this universe better have a number designation within the 52 universes. if not, i'm going to question the need for infinite crisis.


'nuff said

spidey reboot.

deadline | hollywood has the full press release about the spider-man 4 cancellation and the upcoming spider-man franchise reboot. i have a feeling that this new, younger spider-man will be closer to the ultimate universe character due him dealing with contemporary. it almost seems as if marvel is following dc in that they want from a more upbeat franchise (the four original batman movies) to a darker environment (batman begins & the dark knight). i wonder if this reboot will allow for the other marvel movies to tie into it somehow with spidey being the youngest avenger (very new avengers). the spidey reboot could certainly tie into the darker fantastic four movie that is on its way, too. i'm disappointed by the new direction yet optimistic as to what marvel can do with a new spidey film trilogy.

another GL casting.

peter sarsgaard is playing green lantern villian, hector hammond in the upcoming green lantern movie.

via heat vision.


x-moment of 2009

my top x-moment of 2009 was from the old man logan storyline when wolverine attacks the president who is red skull and kills him with captain america's shield....plain awesome. overall, it was a great concept and phenomenal art. i'm not sure if this reality will be revisted over left alone. either way, i would be content with conclusion or continuation.

for a complete list of top x-moments, check out comic book resources.


angel is twilight
as in the buffy season 8 big bad.

...how are they going to explain this and tie into the IDW angel series?

i thought these new books were all about canon. regardless, i want the "buffy manifesto" in my hands.

there's a pretty decent article over at CBR about the big bad reveal.

serena van der woodsen is carol ferris!

according to variety, blake lively has been cast as carrol ferris in the upcoming green lantern movie.

i hope they dye her locks darker. seriously, i can't imagine her donning the star sapphire attire and being a villian. WEIRD. this is going to be an immensely different role for her since she plays teen characters in gossip girl and sisterhood of the traveling pants.

GL variant cover

jim lee's amazingness continues on the cover of green lantern #50.



time saver

this time saving video recaps all five season of lost in 8 minutes.

i found this on the live feed and the commenters are pretty obsessed as am i.

this is roughly like 100 hours of lost wrapped up before a commercial break. SWEET LIFE.

blackest night #7 covers

uhhh...sweetest covers EVER!

i really want the spectrum of rings to stick around for more than this limited series! there are so many character and story possibilities that could come from the use of the different colored rings.

thanks to the dcu source for revealing them yesterday.

next spidey villian?

newsarama has a poll for the next spider-man villian in the now delayed fourth movie. the major issue is this:

Director Sam Rami is apparently lobbying for the Vulture, who he had originally intended to use in Spider-Man 3, while movie studio Sony wants someone else. While the list of who Sony would rather have is undisclosed, we do know that they want to introduce Felicia Hardy – aka Black Cat – as a romantic subplot for Peter.

i already voted for black cat & the lizard. the lizard is fitting since i presumed that is where the character, curt conners, was going since he was already introduced in the movies in his human form. i like the idea of black cat since it will further the complications between mary jane and peter as well as introduce a female villian.

click here to vote.



abc has released some promo images from the upcoming last season of lost. i love the "last supper" theme. i'm going to need a major recap going into the first episode of the new season. i think i forgot everything but, the major plot points. eek!

as always, the live feed has high quality images that can be magnified.


decade lists

everyone is producing decade lists and/or list for 2009. i am slightly obsessed with reading every single one i come across when its related to tv, movies or comic books.

michael ausiello's best in show in '09
ken tucker's 10 best tv shows in 2009

newsarama's ongoing series of 2009 [i voted green lantern.]
newsarama's cover of 2009 [i voted flash.]
newsarama's limited series of 2009 [i voted blackest night, seriously who would vote rebirth over it?]
newsarama's favorite writer of 2009 [i voted johns. very hard decision since morrision is my other fave.]
newsarama's favorite artist of 2009 [i voted j.h. williams III. i have a green lantern bias.]
newsarama's 10 in the new year [nemesis looks awesome!]
robot 6's 50 best covers of 2009 [its like a review of the past year of heavenly covers]
robot 6's 30 most important comics of the decade part 1 and 2 [hard to believe that 2001 was like 9 years ago]

what would toto watch?'s worst films of 2009 [thankfully, i haven't wasted my time on any of those.]
the movie blog's 10 most anticipated films of 2010 [iron man 2!]
screen rant's top 10 movie movie moments of the decade [avatar, yes.]

i really have to agree with most lists. a little breakdown for 2009 from myself:

best tv shows: glee, true bloodunited states of tara
best movies: up in the air & avatar
best comic books: blackest night & flash: rebirth
best superhero: batwoman