new avengers line up...

or is it? marvel didn't confirm it with newsarama either. it could just be heroes that are prominent in this new "heroic age"

i definitely see it as a possibility for an avengers line up. theres definitely captain america, thor and iron man on the team. spider-man and hawkeye joining the team would not be abnormal since they are on the current new avengers line up. beast just left the x-men so that would make sense since he has been an avengers member in the past. black widow is tied to iron man, in the upcoming movie and could probably be swayed onto the team. gorilla-man would be the equivalent of the justice league's congorilla. the only hero in this image that i don't see on the avengers is: the thing. he could have got into an arugment with the fantastic four and quit? i guess only time will tell.

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