fave april 2014 marvel solicit covers

peter is back. i didn't read any of those spectacular spider-man stories. i just absolutely love humberto ramos' art.

so artsy.

i may just read this book since i don't have a teen book with the cancellation of teen titans.

this looks vintage and amazing.


fave april 2014 dc comics solicit covers

at first glance, i thought batman beyond was steel. maybe terry will get a sidekick or new costume. he's basically had the same batsuit since 1999. it's about time for a change.

very neat mirror effect going on here.

new team and a modern look for adam strange. i am really loving the inclusion of stargirl since she was one of my favorite heroes prior to the new 52.

bye, nightwing. dc needs to mix up the new 52 a bit. i'm dropping books like it's my job.

dc is trying to make supergirl cool.
it will never happen.


glee moves to nyc

it's about time.
ryan murphy just needs to let artie, blaine, mercedes and sam join the rest of the old glee club in nyc.
i don't care for the new kids. they're simply new faces with old drama.
more info on the big move on ny daily news.


penny dreadful

penny dreadful seems like a pretty neat horror show.
where has josh hartnett been?


wally west zooms back into dc comics

it's seriously about time for wally west to be introduced into the new 52.
i'm waiting for a full titans team though.
dc really messed up by not having all of the original titans introduced into the new 52 two years ago.
hopefully, the summer will bring a wally west, nightwing, cyborg, roy harper and starfire team-up at least.


can jan. 19 come sooner?

i binge watched the following and now i NEED new episodes.
the second season has jessica stroup playing ryan hardy's niece.
i love 90210 alums getting jobs after that CW gem.


polar vortexage/#chiberia/itz just really cold out

we went on a little walk through andersonville post sunday brunch to see how much snow was coming down. it was a great photo op obviously.

i've basically been a shut-in since sunday evening due to the cold and my snow plowed in car.

dear facebook, who wants to shovel out my car? it's simply too cold and i'm precious.

no one took my plea seriously on facebook. 
i ended up getting my car towed and it's back to work tomorrow! 
is it summer yet?


the full veronica mars trailer

veronica mars is back march 14. 
if this whole kickstarter movie goes well, i hope fans start campaigns for some of my old favorites like popular.

buffy and angel are doing just fine in their comic book universe. let's leave it that way. not everyone needs a movie.


guardians of the galaxy

aug. 1 can't come soon enough.
so ready for guardians to show us the marvel cosmos!