my new favorite poster

i got this poster for christmas and i am super obsessed.
comic sans and comic books!

order one at fab.


buzzfeed + honey boo boo = love

buzzfeed has an amazing list of reasons honey boo boo became a national obsession.

read it here and laugh.



thanks in advance, buffy

she always saves the world.

she helped already with a buncha apocalypses.

thanks again, lady.


fave march 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

ultron looks bad ass. big changes coming to the marvel universe.

is this a movie poster?



xoxo gossip girl

dan serena wedding gossip girl

i grew up on gossip girl. the show started with serena, a train and lonely boy.
while the first few seasons were great, it slowly got bad.
bad to the point that i loved it and kept watching every episode. 

and the finale...

blair and chuck's wedding.
the downfall of ivy.
a fantastic reveal of the real gossip girl: dan.
maybe i could write myself in.
an amazing five year jump.
the dan and serena wedding.
a full circle, open door for the sequel.

a perfect ending for the show and some heavy, teary eyes for me.

i'll add it to the list of shows that define life: the oc, popular, buffy and laguna beach.



pacific rim trailer

monsters & robots & sweetness. sign me up!


the wolverine

i'm really hoping for some jean grey in the new wolverine movie.
loving the silhouette against japan.

check out the motion poster on zap2it. pure genius.


i'm not staying at the bates motel

this looks super creepy and so good.


man of steel trailer

very christopher nolan batman.


fave march 2013 dc comics solicit covers

i think damian dies. wah!

this is great. love the red and yellow.

very cool. loving that mr. freeze fights the very pale batwoman.

they're back! maybe...

color spectrum looks awesome.

i don't read this book, but i love the way the cover is so minimalistic.

another death for jason todd?

supergirl is a brat. END OF STORY.


star trek 2 trailer

this looks real good and ominious.


bloody face! ben harmon!

they are one in the same! 

i love the anthology style storytelling since the amazing actors can get cast in all-new roles.


fave february 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

youz bad, mystique.

this makes me want to be nova.

 cyclops has really turned out to be quite the villain.

i think i just like it cause it is the young avengers.


fave february 2013 dc comics solicit covers

too graphic for comic books, superman & wonder woman.

i may have stopped reading batwoman, but that doesn't mean i don't love the artwork.

you're dramatic twentystomething jay garrick.

green arrow looks so CW.

this is sweet. loving the new green lantern.

kyle looks awesome.

oh hey flashback cover hey.


from womb to tomb...

our lives are not our own. from womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present. and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” 

cloud atlas...go see it. the movie was extremely enlightening and complex. the acting and the way the six stories tie together is incredible.


iron man 3

the trailer is here and it is amazing. i hope pepper puts on an iron man suit!


fave january 2013 marvel comics solicit covers

just sweet.

is this the hunger games?

so artsy.

can't describe my obsession with this. so cool.

i don't know if i love the artwork. i just want my young avengers back.

can't be a secret when mr. fantastic stands out.


mika obsessed

i'm loving the new mika album.
emily is my new favorite jam.


fave january 2013 dc comics solicit covers

 this is creepy as hell!

 the joker covers the last few months have been so insane!

oh hey, new green lantern duds.



agent coulson to return!

i hope coulson returns as the vision in the new S.H.I.E.L.D tv series.
that'd be sweet and so comic book-y.


don't worry

my first grade halloween costume still fits.
pretty glad i still have the dracula donatello ninja turtle costume and my bestie, imin.


you've redeemed yourself, glee

i'm emotionally attached to 'the scientist.' 
this cover is perfect.


everybody hates...

the new 52.

 what a disaster on dc's part. don't put polls on the internet after you revamp.

bleeding cool has the story on a great facebook pool done by dc comics.


thanks, old navy

 you've got me obsessed again with the best backstreet boys video ever...again.


billy the gay vampire slayer

there will finally be a gay male vampire slayer. watch out, buffy.

out has the full story here.


top 10 comic book character deaths

 newsarama posted a countdown of the top character deaths. i couldn't agree more with the list.

stephanie brown would probably be my top death though. she was killed during war crimes and then ultimately wiped out of continuity. sad day for spoiler/robin/batgirl. she is my fave. bring her back, dc!