fave november 2015 marvel comics solicit covers

love the new spidey costume.

x-23 should probably just recreate all of the original wolverine covers.

really enjoying that the original x-men stayed in the present.

anything with alex ross is okay in my book.



struzan's 'the force awakens' poster

the latest star wars poster features the incredible artwork of legendary star wars artist, drew struzan. this neat piece is a limited edition one from D23.

more details on screencrush.com.


fave november 2015 dc comics solicit covers

classic batman.

very cool with the red hues.

still enjoying the new gods storyline.

loving the hair on starfire.


red tornado meets supergirl

red tornado is just one of the many dc comics characters coming to supergirl this fall. i wonder how they will handle the entire tv universe with the multiple networks. i would love to see some crossover between the shows even if it's not the main characters.

newsarama has more details and a new trailer.



the new 'star wars' tv spot

this is looking better and better.
how soon until december 18?


mr. terrific and so many more

mr. terrific, the first-ever gay african american superhero, comes to arrow this season in addition to a million other heroes invading the cw including vandal savage. can't wait for the fall season to start!


the new gotham promos

gotham is really shining with the new promos for season 2. love the incorporation of the bat symbol.

comic book resources has another poster here.


'deadpool' trailer

this looks pretty decent. not quite sure how it ties into the rest of the x-men movies, but i won't be too judgmental about it!


new supergirl poster

definitely going to watch the new supergirl show this fall!