sdcc: new justice league book

an updated justice league book is much needed since i don't care for the current for the past year. good thing that dc comics announced it at this year's san diego comic con.

so far the announced members include:

  • green lantern / hal jordan (i wish it was kyle)
  • mon-el / superman replacement
  • donna troy / wonder woman replacement
  • batman / dick grayson
  • congorilla
i am thinking the rest of the line up includes:
  • red arrow since the rest of the teen titans are on the team.
  • starfire since well see the description above.
  • flash since...the same as the above.
the shadows clearly highlight an archer and a streaky figure in the air. it could possibly be ice but, i just don't think so. if donna and dick jumped ship from titans to join a league, they should obviously be polite and join the other hard hitting titans. the titans needed to grow up and perform legacy roles in team books to show their maturity and lifelong unity. hal can act as their mentor and congorilla can be the awkward plastic man character.

i hope the team goes by the name of justice titans. it would be very superman/batman.


i will admit that despite the lame title of necrosha
i will end up purcashing the main titles of this little upcoming x-men crossover.

my problem with this "event" is that it reminds me entirely of blackest night. dead heroes returning and causing havoc? i understand that dc and marvel are competitors but, this is straight up same concept. transmode virus sounds alot like black lantern ring...ya know, just saying. i must say that the images are pretty cool.

newsarama has some more about the event here.

sdcc: dc comics action figures i need asap

matty collector uploaded their san diego comic con slide show to facebook. it was the best 140 images i have seen on facebook ever.


um greatest marketing gimmick ever? this is a sure sell.

true blood has become so popular and that's good since it was renewed for a third season today.

i am definitely ordering this the second it's pay day!

the hbo website even has a alcoholic drink menu...perfect idea for die hard fangbangers like myself. theme party please?

Drink Menu:
  • The Fangbanger - Tru Blood, Vodka
  • Death on the Beach - Tru Blood, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
  • Plasmapolitan - Tru Blood, Citron, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice


a little life update.

summer quarter is over. i have 2 out of 3 grades so far and i only have a's. i don't mind the 4.0 gpa at all. i finally have free weeknights which is amazing since my social life is starting to return and its feels more like summer.

two weekends ago, one of my best friends since i was five got married. i am beyond excited for imin and her husband, jared. we've come pretty far in 17 years...
the first picture is from the halloween parade in first grade when imin was jasmine and i was the vampire version of donatello. as you can see, my obsession for vampires is not just part of the latest fad. the second picture is imin and i at her wedding last weekend.

a killer trailer

up next is the dexter season 4 trailer. i can't wait to see how dexter is going to juggle his life as a dad and as a killer.

do you need redemption?

the season four/volume 5 trailer for heroes has debuted. it looks like the show might be saved after all. the introduction of the carnival should continue my interest if they introduce some new characters with interesting back stories. i hope they go back to the storyline of the original superheroes that they did last year at the camp.


entertainment cruises blog!

i wrote a little article for the entertainment cruises' blog last week.

click here to read my post. comments please!

i plan on including it in my memoir that i'm going to write when i am forty. i need to write a memoir since i am obsessed with reading memoirs and its pretty much the only genre i've been reading lately now that i'm done with the southern vampire mysteries.

google made me smile last week

i have lacked any updates for the past week! what a bad blogger. i clearly am not practicing what i will be preaching to my internship class tonight about blogging. i do have an excuse which is that last week was finals week. valid? i would think so.

i will be updating starting today about san diego comic con! there was a ton of exciting news about the latest comic books, action figures, tv shows, and movies that came out of the 40th annual event. i wish i could have gone but, i got chicago comic con in two weeks. no travel expense means alot more money can be spent on merchandise!

anyway in terms of my header, i went on google last week while at work and nearly screamed. the google.com search image was of dc comics superheroes. when i opened my igoogle, i had the option to change my theme to blackest night. PERFECT. newsarama had an informative interview with paul levitz today about the dc comics/google partnership.

what a way to get the word out about comic con?!


weekend update.

i've been crazy busy lately with one week left of summer quarter! this next week is going to be out of control with presentations and last minute updates to projects.

despite all this insanity, one of my best friends got married on saturday. i will upload a picture or two later of the wedding. i am beyond happy for her! its the first of many friends to get married in the upcoming years. so weird that we're all growing up!

today, i moved into a new apartment in lincoln park right on the park with a sweet view of the old navy ferris wheel and the downtown skyline. i will have pics of that, too!

in other news, another fake picture of ryan reynolds as green lantern is on the right. my green lantern obsession is now fueled by movie blogs! i can see my obsession getting worse as the movie nears its release date!


blackest night is here!

today is the day! blackest night is out and i immediately read it after getting it. it was unbelievably good. the story telling reminded me of identity crisis which was a great read. the deaths at the end better not be some big play for reincarnation. i can't wait to see where the whole story is going to go. i wonder if the black lanterns will stay alive post blackest night. i expected the black lanterns to be a bit darker but, i suppose it was just ralph dibny's sense of humor. overall, a+.

wait, when did aquaman die? i am pretty sure every important atlantean is dead except tempest. i love seeing him back in action after such a long hiatus.

i can't wait to find out about the indigo tribe. what are their powers?!

dc created a mini-site for blackest night which is pretty decent. i recommend checking out the corps bios. super informational!


ryan reynolds is green lantern...

i should just change my blog title to "i am obsessed with green lantern."

variety reported that ryan reynolds has been cast as green lantern.

i gotta say that he can do the superhero thing pretty well as seen by blade: trinity and x-men origins: wolverine. reynolds is jumping ship over to the marvel comics competitor, dc comics, for this movie though.

i cannot wait to see the teaser trailers. there had BETTER be a viral campaign for this movie. i wil just die if it is a creative and successful campaign. i should contact warner brothers and ask if i can create it. expect lots of guardians, rings, and sector codes. oh and tons of easter eggs.

the sweet image on the left i snagged is from comicbookmovie.com.


cover (& issue) of the week

green lantern#43 is a GREAT cover. not only was the cover perfect but, the story was phenomenal. it gave the background of poorly understand william hand and his mortuary family. the greatest panel was the death of black hand. his resurrection was a given as well as crowning of the first black lantern.

in other blackest night news, newsarama states that the cost thus far for the entire event is $145.55. that's $145.55 that i will be spending over the course of this dark event. i cannot wait til it starts next week.

wednesday comics

i submitted a photo of me with the latest dc comics weekly, wednesday comics, to their blog, the source. i hope i get published!

wednesday comics is a new weekly with an update of an old concept of comic strips. i have to say i am obsessed with the titans, flash, and green lantern strips.

here's a little something from the national post about wednesday comics.


day one trailer

this looks interesting. it seems very "v" maybe. i can't quite tell. it reminds me of something else. i'm not sure if it'll last though. the scifi thing isn't going very well lately as seen by kings and heroes.

another batgirl cover clue.

UGH. this has to be wendy...

why can't it be barbara?

i would suffice with even misfit.

oh man.

new background

the absolute justice collection dustjacket has taken over my computer screen.

the cw is out of control

first, they have hilary duff on gossip girl.

now, they have rumer willis on 90210.

whose next? seriously? ashlee simpson on melrose place? oh wait, that's done.


blackest night waves 1-4

once i have a job, there will be a full investment in all four waves of these action figures. black hand has batman's head in his hand. awesome. the black lantern figures are the greatest since they look so creepy. i can't wait to see these in comic book form next month.