sdcc: new justice league book

an updated justice league book is much needed since i don't care for the current for the past year. good thing that dc comics announced it at this year's san diego comic con.

so far the announced members include:

  • green lantern / hal jordan (i wish it was kyle)
  • mon-el / superman replacement
  • donna troy / wonder woman replacement
  • batman / dick grayson
  • congorilla
i am thinking the rest of the line up includes:
  • red arrow since the rest of the teen titans are on the team.
  • starfire since well see the description above.
  • flash since...the same as the above.
the shadows clearly highlight an archer and a streaky figure in the air. it could possibly be ice but, i just don't think so. if donna and dick jumped ship from titans to join a league, they should obviously be polite and join the other hard hitting titans. the titans needed to grow up and perform legacy roles in team books to show their maturity and lifelong unity. hal can act as their mentor and congorilla can be the awkward plastic man character.

i hope the team goes by the name of justice titans. it would be very superman/batman.

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