the secret life of toys

i am loving these photos. i might buy one for the office :)

see more over at their etsy shop.



fave march 2011 marvel cover solicits

 cyclops looking awesome as usual.

 the heads of x-men on wolverine's claws...out of control.

 just tell us who died.

 rather colorful.

 kinda excited for crossgen returning.

sweet concept.

fave march 2011 dc cover solicits

 kinda loving the images of the new character.

 loracle's buddies in the background and her all burlesque makes it a decent cover.

seriously obsessing over this cover.

 no more deathstorm?

 gardner looking bad ass as usual.

sweet GL fight.


skins series 5

the girl on the far right reminds me of jal. i REALLY want to see this trailer. they look dumb.

places i want to move

the grid.


do ask and please do tell.

batwoman can now tell you when you ask.

via dc women kicking ass...and national news.

friday night fringe

love this campaign about the friday night death slot.

batgirl costume couture

newsarama has a pretty sweet article on batgirl's costume changes over the years.
check it out here.

grenade craze


my latest obsession

i cannot get enough of parks & rec.
i have a serious appreciation for this show now that i work for the park district.


trip to dc

i just booked a ticket to see this pretty lady at the end of january in dc.
study abroad love spread overseas to the usa.


superboy variant

obsessed beyond belief.
i want this hanging in my office.

carbonara law

the website for my dad's new law firm, carbonara law, is up and running!
check out the design over at www.carbonaralaw.com.

let me know what you think!