american horror story recap

what a great first season. ryan murphy really threw people with the new family, home and characters announcement for next season.


fave march 2012 marvel solicit covers

 sometimes the x-men just look so awesome...

 what a dumb marketing gimmick.

 oh hey 1990's.

 hope + scarlet witch = trouble.

 i love the ultimate x-men covers.

a little british team up never hurt the x-men excitement.


san francisco trip

 fisherman's wharf.

 golden gate bridge.

 full house.

 ferry from sausalito with the golden gate and alcatraz in the distance.

 eight mile bike ride through san francisco and over the bridge.

 pleasanton wineries.

friends at full house.


fave march 2012 dc comics solicit covers

 sweet perspective on the batwoman cover.

 nice target on batman.

just loving green lantern as usual.

the covers and summaries weren't as appealing as last month. surprising. time to reverse the new 52.

new amazing spider-man poster

what makes spider-man's story untold?


only my sister would send me this

she always puts loyola's holiday e-card to good use.

loyola's real message is "joy to the world. the lord has come! we want your money and you to lead a life of student loan debt. we love our athletes and new facilities."



you stop it, glee

new glee mash up for the week is INCREDIBLE.


oh desperate

mary alice returned tonight on desperate. great ending to the episode. always nice to see the character behind the narration.

a little info on mary alice.



rubber man

the rubber man reveal was shocking on american horror story.
i accepted constance's husband.

is violet dead?


wolverine loves thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving.

fave february 2012 marvel solicit covers

 cool concept for spidey.

 i don't like storm next to captain america..

 what is this besides uhmazing?

rogue looks a little rough...


david m. buisan's hipster superheroes

seriously amazing concepts.

check out more on his site here.


the avengers in all their glory

fairly certain the avengers movie is going to be awesome.


dc nation

this is going to be a must watch. the LEGO one looks the best...


fave february 2012 dc comics solicit covers

 the new 52 did do one thing. it made aquaman and mera real characters with substance.

 i LOVE dustin nguyen and batman beyond. perfect fit.

  a great homage.

 seriously, this is so creepy.

 a broken bat, part two.

i dislike the series. incredible cover though.

darkseid lives.

at least his new costume doesn't include a skirt.


i might be watching...

last night's glee again.  obsessed with "first time."


batman dies at dawn!

look at all those robins.
not sure why carrie kelly is there.
she's not cool enough.



you can buy it for me from the mezco store.
thank you.

keep calm and...

this is the only keep calm and carry on knock off poster that i will ever love.



go see it right now.

fave january 2012 marvel solicits covers

 storm looks pretty sweet here. avengers, too? who is she wolverine?

 love me some new avengers.

 amazing. i did a project in college on the "i want you for the us army" and i would have loved to add this to it.

 loving this art. hating thor.

magneto is a drama queen.