red/blue/yellow/purple lanterns?

i am LOVING the fact that there is no human green lantern right now. i'm not loving john's indigo tribe costume. he has something wrapped around his head...seriously? kyle should stay a blue lantern FOREVER.


i bought myself

the limited edition green lantern figure!
i hope one day it will be worth millions since there are only 2814 of them.


the new ultimate spider-man

i'm likin the post-death of spider-man look. very modern with an edge since the colors are darker. i wonder who is under the mask.


fave dc july 2011 cover solicits

 just loving the artsy-ness of this batman cover.

 flashpoint is going to eff up the dc universe, but i think in a good way. the joker seems to be more cult-like based off this cover.

i want no dead green lanterns!

i cannot get over how many different dc books are coming out in july. hi, my wallet cannot handle this. flashpoint has about 10 mini-series and the decades books. i think i am going to skip the decades books. i am already thinking of dropping more titles. sad.


fave marvel july 2011 cover solicits

 seriously awesome concept.

 i really want to know what causes the schism.

 spider face on the statue of liberty. pure creepiness.


i'm sorry

i'm completely sold on the green lantern movie after this footage. this will be the best movie ever...maybe.