this looks better than most seasons...i'm embarrassed to admit it.

trailer time.

martian manhunter looks pretty bad ass.




ausiello posted this picture from absolute justice!



its a tad raunch. however, its the greatest show that has ever been on television.

i'm still waiting on the series 3 dvd to be released in the usa.

thank god for bbc.

wonder girl

a horrible start to wonder girl's career: her costume.

the wonder girl costume starting to get better since the wig is now gone...

a costume much more superhero like for cassie.

wonder girl after the death of superboy and as the leader of current teen titans.

impulse/kid flash/flash

i'm a little behind on posting the young justice costume changes over the years, let's move onto bart allen:

orginally bart was the immature impulse

bart as the mature kid flash

bart as flash after one year later

and now hes back to the kid-flash costume since little irey west took over the impulse mantle and there's two flashes already as seen in this week's flash: rebirth #5:

picture from the weekly crisis.

the date is set for the end.

according to kristin at e!, the premiere date is february 2nd.

i can't wait to see how this will all end!


best promo trailer...ever

green lantern...check.
dr. fate...check.
the jsa round table...check.

why do we have to wait til january?

best issue of the week is...

flash: rebirth #5.

its all about legacy.

as dc approaches its 75th anniversary, they establish who is connected to the speed force and they disconnect one member in this issue.

i've been trying to find a scan of the newest speedster: impulse! as soon as i find one, i will post it. its a nicely played reference to possible future storylines as seen in the kingdom and we know i LOVE elseworlds stories.

be sure to pick it up.



i had a little delay in posting the changes of young justice over the years. let's start with superboy:
sweet jacket & shades, supes.

much better without the jacket.

looking more teenager like, updated to match the mid-2000's, newly named kon-el

kon-el back from the dead and soaring into adventure comics

did you see an observer?

i didn't get to see an observer this morning despite the brown line being my nearest "L" line.

i probably should have looked at the schedule.

love this viral marketing campaign by fox.

let's hope people watch fringe tonight. i know i will be dvr-ing since i have class!


buffy is back again.

looks like joss whedon has some time on his hands after the cancellation of dollhouse, motion comic webisodes are on their way about the Season 8 characters including twilight who has yet to be revealed. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.

the more buffy the vampire slayer, the better.


favorite february solicit covers

michael turner's supergirl...upsetting that there won't be more art from him.
def. looks as if orion, barda and miracle are being reintroduced in the fifth world!
something major happens in this issue since there's another issue with "black lantern green arrow." let's hope ollie isn't killed...again.
bruce wayne lives?

pretty sure all the TOP SECRET covers will be the best ones for the month.
this is just plain awesome.

daken? wolverine reincarnated? wtf?


poor write off

tv guide revealed the ending of the first storyline on melrose place which results in the departure of auggie and violet on a motorcycle. i am BEYOND excited that they are leaving. i've already stated my skepticism about the return of heather locklear seeing as how most viewers weren't alive during the time she was on the show as a regular. i really do hope the show makes it to a second season especially since my favorite storyline is lauren's prostitution job and she is sticking around.


my latest obsession is smallville. i pretty much disregarded the past 4 or 5 seasons. however, this season is incredible with all the dc universe characters having cameos. the two-hour movie event is coming up featuring the justice society. above is the first image of hawkman from variety and they stuck pretty close to his costume. pretty surprising seeing as how they usually modernize and leatherize the costumes. i'm more excited to see the smallville rendition of stargirl and hear all the dc universe refrences in the episode


oh yeah?

so does dick have bruce's body?
love the play on words.


young justice week

due to my obsession with the new titans cover from the other day, i'm going to focus on young justice for the week. it used to be my favorite book when i was younger since i was about the age of robin, superboy and impulse. the characters have developed so much over the years. so for the next week, i am going to cover different heroes: superboy, robin/red robin, impulse/kid flash and wonder girl. i would cover arrowette, empress and secret but, they haven't been seen in anything but brief guest appearances.



siege teasers have been out for a few days now.
the one to the right is the only one i like since i love the wolverine and daken relationship.
i am only going to buy the siege mini-series and no tie-in titles. it hits the wallet a bit too hard.
i honestly am over marvel's countless "BIG" events. i did like secret invasion but, necrosha is trying too hard to be blackest night. they clearly want their market share back from dc and shouldn't be allowed to have it back.

75 most iconic dc covers

comic book resources has a sweet list that is going to result in a vote for the most iconic dc covers.

a favorite of mine is to the side. twenty years ago, writers were trying to show that the teen titans were growing up from robin, speedy, wonder girl, aquaboy and kid flash. during the next twenty years, the characters would grow even more. robin became nightwing followed by batman. speedy became arsenal and then red arrow. wonder girl became troia, died and became donna troy. aquaboy became tempest and then a black lantern. lastly, kid flash became flash. these young characters have triumphed, died, taken the mantles of their mentors and have had their own children. these dynamic characters may age at a different rate but, they still have personalities and major character developments. with the inclusion of titan members in the next justice league line up, they are sure to become even more involved in the dc universe. i can't wait to see their children especially lian and the west kids become the next line up of teen titans.



i am legit speechless.

keeps getting better.

the "unsinkable" stephanie brown as batgirl.
the source has a short history of her antics that led to her take the mantle of batgirl.
i love that roxy rocket has hit the comic books.


bbmak memories.

this is just depressing.

this is far from depressing:

kick- ass posters

they're here. i CANNOT wait for the trailer.

dc beat marvel.

diamond comics released the top products for october 2009 and dc comics had the top 6 books. this is a HUGE deal in the comic book world especially since marvel always comes out on top. marvel did have slightly higher unit and dollar share but then again, most marvel books are $3.99 instead of $2.99. comichron even states that its the first times since 1968!

congratulations, dc comics. let's hope the current ring promotion in november results in dc on top again!

sorry, marvel. make mine dc. its always been that way.


crazy week.

finals ended on monday with the longest final i have ever taken in my life which was on brand equity. i'm very interested to see the results of that exam. the winter quarter started yesterday and us, grad students, LOVE one day breaks between classes. we did get the opportunity to celebrate with the arrival of graduate school of business u-passes. i had my first winter quarter class tonight: social media strategy. i am obsessed and its day one. we watched this little clip which is very similar to the "did you know?" one from my internship class. i love these stats about the changing world around us.