75 most iconic dc covers

comic book resources has a sweet list that is going to result in a vote for the most iconic dc covers.

a favorite of mine is to the side. twenty years ago, writers were trying to show that the teen titans were growing up from robin, speedy, wonder girl, aquaboy and kid flash. during the next twenty years, the characters would grow even more. robin became nightwing followed by batman. speedy became arsenal and then red arrow. wonder girl became troia, died and became donna troy. aquaboy became tempest and then a black lantern. lastly, kid flash became flash. these young characters have triumphed, died, taken the mantles of their mentors and have had their own children. these dynamic characters may age at a different rate but, they still have personalities and major character developments. with the inclusion of titan members in the next justice league line up, they are sure to become even more involved in the dc universe. i can't wait to see their children especially lian and the west kids become the next line up of teen titans.

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