what have i been doing?

i'm slowly learning web design. it clearly will be beneficial to what i can offer to any freelance clients.

i took an introduction class at truman college which was very basic but worthwhile. i'm hoping to take the next html class this quarter or the next.

i started working on tina's website and i'd love to hear thoughts on it.


wilhelmina slater on desperate housewives

those are some sexy middle age women.
the writers should just have wilhelmina move onto wisteria lane.
that might cause some drama.



fave marvel november 2010 covers

hobgoblin looks pretty bad ass.

new mutants...finally...oh wait, i think we've had some since m day once or twice.

kinda obsessed with all these vampire covers.

ultimate spider-man is going back to the original numbering. i remember buying the first issue. i'm getting old.


fave dc november 2010 covers

funeral covers always get me.

batman as a white lantern. it makes sense...dc direct could make a sweet figure out of this.

it's very gothic looking.

very dark yet appealing image of batman.

loving the contrast between the classic image and the modern interpretations of the golden age characters.

it is about time superboy got his own series again.


tim carbonara vs. the world

make your own avatar here.

the yellow oval comes back with bruce's return

disappointed in the creative direction on this one.
my facebook notifications were going off all day when i commented on the dc comics feed about the yellow oval being yuck.
i don't think i've gotten that many "likes" before.

2010 social media map

this hott mess came out today.
i am slightly obsessed with the "land of defunct social networks."
i honestly cannot wait til myspace is up there.
the full image cant be found here.


brightest day

the biweekly is going places finally...


dc october 2010 fave solicits covers

the cover alone makes me wants to read the book.

supergirl and damian. bad ass. he is going to be sucha brat.

the layout. obsessed.

well, ice would look unstoppable and be taken seriously if she dropped the furry ugg boots.

ion is back...

just need to get some robin and arrowette in there.
dropping beat boy and raven wouldn't make me cry either.

favorite october 2010 solicits covers

perfect collage.

seriously, i can't describe my feelings towards this. it is usually not my style.

very amateur but geeky iron man suit.

so feral. a vampire wolverine would be pretty unstoppable.

i can't handle the vampire storyline...too twilight for me, but awesome covers.

thor trailer

marvel is pulling the trailer off the internet.
i'm slightly obsessed except the minor cheese.