a superhero in every aisle

a sweet ad campaign featuring the avengers for target.

more ads here.



i am starting to think earth-2 will be better than new earth. those costumes are way cooler than the armored segment ones that the new earth heroes have going on.


new young justice characters coming

batgirl! it looks like barbara gordon, too! woo!
wonder girl, blue beetle and lagoon boy will be featured in season two as well.


night of the owls

loving this storyline. it has by far been the best thing to happen to the new 52.
i'm still hoping dc goes back to the old universe.


american horror season two

mental hospital. different time period. adam levine. obsessed.


fave july 2012 marvel comics solicit covers

seriously awesome colors.

cyclops is really starting to be depicted as a villain.

just loving it.

maybe one day emma frost and cyclops will be the black king and queen of the hellfire club. they really are starting to become villain-like.

so aggressive.


an x-men homage

a little flashback to x-men #1 from the 90s featuring the justice league.


geekin' out

this was the first year i have not attended a comic book convention in probably 15 years. lucky for me i got to catch some footage of this past weekend's c2e2 on blogs and instagram.

check out a whole gallery on redeye here.

fave july 2012 dc comics solicit covers

gruesome. ain't nothing funny about this, comedian.

batman is straight up bad ass.

bats looks like he has magical powers. zatanna?

 i'm really looking forward to seeing if alan scott is young or old and his back story.

black hand is coming back and hopefully we'll see what happened in blackest night.

national comics is a GREAT idea. infuse the dcu with old characters using new concepts.

i hate your costume, superman. i'm done with your book.

oh hey, wonder girl.


parker + miles = bfflz

the spider-guys will finally meet in spider-men.


what up superman

the new superman logo looks a little rough.
so new 52.


gotta admit

i kinda want the katniss doll only because i love jennifer lawrence and it would look great in my office.


glee is back tomorrow

glee was off for far too long. supes excited for this cover.



capeside high class of 2001

having a dawson's creek marathon with laura and monica tonight. super excited
letz watch dawson cry to joey.


hunger games crafts

i probably couldn't do crafts to save my life most days, but i want to learn and master the art of hunger games crafts badly. maybe i'd survive the games if i had craft knowledge.

here are my faves:

i would just stare at these shoes and never put them on my feet.

the detail! how could someone eat these?

a few more projects are here.