smallville final season teaser

clark dons his traditional costume.
so much for that no flights, no tights policy!


new batwoman art

this is going to be the best series ever.

batman inc.

marry me, quitely.

awesome x-men poster

these pieces by marko djurodovic are amazing.
click for the full size.

#SDCC Spidey Gallery

more sweet images here.

green lantern loving

i am loving the world's obsession with the green lantern movie especially all the comic con coverage. he has been my favorite superhero since i was like seven and there was never cool merchandise that focused on him since he wasn't one of the big three: superman, batman and wonder woman. with the movie coming up, licensed green lantern merchandise is going to be popping up everywhere. i cannot wait for spring.

here are some shots of abin sur's corpse from SDCC...

more images at comic book resources.

bet no one was expecting this...

the infinity gauntlet!

chloe sullivan

i've been a fan of chloe since day one so i am pretty hyped to see her incorporated into the dc universe. she looks a little older than her smallville counterpart. i can't wait to see some full color art of her with jimmy.

more details here.

the avengers cast confirmed


more information at comics alliance.


second half of true blood season 3 teaser


look at the reflection of the manhunters!!!
more information here.

dexter season 5

i've waited two days for this to hit the internet.

amazing young justice coverage

this is by far going to be the best animated television show ever. wonder girl and arrowette are going to make appearances and people are going to die. not to sound evil but i hope artemis dies. she isn't young justice! wonder girl is.

the ads in the background of the video are incredible and i want them all as soon as they are placed in magazines and comic books.



even more green lantern images

more green lantern images from EW

this is incredible. i had to stop myself from screaming since its almost 1 a.m.
this could be the greatest superhero movie ever?
i do have a green lantern bias.


sweet dc reveals this week

so glad damian is meeting the teen titans.

sweet art. i'm hoping the justice society storylines get better.

seriously, how did knight and squire get a mini?

of course, the new black lanterns are back. their storylines resulted in huge sales!

loving the new art. i just want to see red robin in here...and speedy!

batman url registrations

mtv: multiplayer has released a list of registrated url names for the new batman: arkham asylum 2 game:


check out the teaser for the game here.

new thor clip

i will be honest.
thor looks really lame.
i need a trailer to convince me otherwise.

the day i lost respect for comic books

justin bieber #1

uncanny x-force revealed

these five look pretty bad ass.
i'm glad psylocke is replacing x-23.
of course, deadpool is included.
marvel has to prep for all new movies years in advance.

unbelievable hills finale

was it fake from the start in laugna beach or just in the hills?

amazing ending, regardless.


the hills ended

depression is setting in.

brightest day figures

the brightest day figures aren't nearly as amazing as the blackest night figures.

i do want the aquaman and mera figures bad.


debbie pelt is a psycho werebitch

old and very true news.

continual skins obsession

my favorite skins character, effy stonem, played by kaya scodelario, is in the latest issue of UK's in style.

check out the spread here.

season 3 of skins is available in the united states in september which is amazing. i am pretty upset over the shiteous cover though. i think they paid a four year old to make it in photoshop.

pre-order the season 3 dvd here.

who is exactly hope?

i'm hoping hope is a reborn jean grey. i am so over emma frost being scott's love interest. a battle between emma and jean would be sweet. emma needs to go back to the dark side asap.

the x-men vs. vampires

is this seriously a teaser?

who had the insane idea to have them fight vampires? SERIOUSLY.

damian is too bad ass for life


"a new generation of hope" theories

the new teasers for the next x-men storyline, five lights, are supposedly based around the defunct "generation x" title. 
 i'm starting to think that these images are second mutations of popular characters. the first teaser resembles cecilia reyes, the second teaser resembles a mutated mystique and the latest teaser resembles a wolf like character like sabretooth or wild child. it would be cool to see some secondary mutations similar to beast since it does advance character storylines and can bring back characters who have been absent for the past few years.

read more at newsarama.

comic nerd

 i am everywhere i go including target's toy aisle last sunday.

new scott pilgrim poster

i made an impulse purchase of volume one during the graham crackers sale in early june. i was obsessed and then barnes & noble had an online free express shipping sale last weekend so i bought the rest of the volumes. i never thought i'd like it but, i LOVE the storyline and characters. you should prob pick it up on amazon. you can buy all of the volumes and qualify for free shipping since the total will be over $25.

mad men yourself 2010

i'm fairly certain my avatar from last year is the same as the one this year. i guess my obsession with the color blue, cardigans and solid ties remain.

make your mad man avatar here.


let me in trailer

i loved the swedish version. this one doesn't look that bad!