oh yeah?

dc universe online released images of their green lantern character.

you want me to take that ring off your hands, green lantern? ok fine, i'll quit school and work to become a superhero.

soon-to-be greatest book...

adventure comics
superboy. wonder girl. legion.


MTV is going to ruin skins

mtv has announced that they are doing a usa version of my fave skins. this one will be set in baltimore and have the same premise.

i already know i will hate it. nothing can be remade and called skins. it just won't be the same.

i would be fine if they did a usa version of skins that continued the second season and featured cassie and sid in new york. that would be perfectly fine. that, however, is not the case...


batman beyond is back!

Terry McGinnis returns in 2010 with a mini-series! YES!

i used to LOVE batman beyond. wait, i still do love the future batman.

its going to be a long 4 months to wait for that.

in the meantime, i can catch up on the first three seasons on dvd and the "epilogue" episode from jlu.

in other news, school started again today. its my third quarter of grad school. i have brand equity and advertising on monday nights, research methods in marketing on wednesday nights, and strategic uses of it on thursday nights.

back to the daily grind of work and school. i just gotta find a full time big kid job. let that fun search begin...


true blood paper dolls

i cannot explain how cool this is:

true blood paper dolls.



avatar day was on friday...sweet trailer. i'm sure i'm going to want to stop being a vampire and start wanting to be those blue creatures. actually, my obsessions with vampires probably isn't going to fade.

i hope there's some viral marketing to go along with this movie.

cedar hotel

emily and i went to the cedar hotel on state the other day for dinner.

it was pretty good! i can't wait to go back actually.

when we lived on elm during senior year, i would pass this empty space everyday and be like "make it a fun restaurant again." i remember during the first few years of college before we could go out for drinks, there was a sweet bar there with an outside patio and now, its back!

it would probably be dangerous if i still lived nearby since i would want to go there for dinner daily.

on another note, they have a sweet classic hotel looking logo that i can't seem to find online.


sex sells?


all of the melrose place ads have double entendres.

the beautiful life cast poses nude with perfectly placed copy.

i can only imagine what the gossip girl print posters are going to look like...

tuesdays are a bitch.

it looks like the new melrose place has a little viral marketing going on at the melrose place apartments leasing website.

i mean, i would live there. ashlee simpson and drama? count me in.

batgirl revealed...

it finally happened on wednesday...

batgirl was revealed to be stephanie brown aka spoiler aka robin IV.

while i was hoping for barbara, i am actually perfectly content with stephanie being batgirl. she has been in the bat family for long enough and grown from the daughter of cluemaster to trusted bat ally. when i flipped the page to see the mask come off and reveal stephanie, i was relieved that it wasn't misfit or wendy. i have read some backlash about cassandra but, i don't care. she has alot to deal with since her "sisters"were introduced. i'm sure they will bring her back in a secondary character position or as a miniseries.

i'm excited to see where this batgirl series leads!


cool november covers

i love the play on a recent cover to teen titans. i think most of these characters were obsolete or dead already when i started reading comics but, i know all their backstories since i read the trade paperbacks. i wouldn't want to be lost during "blackest night." i'm too obsessed for that to happen.

resurrected heroes being spun around in death's hand...sweet.

the above and below are just REALLY cool.


green lantern in the redeye.

this article graced pages 34 and 35 of our commuter paper, the redeye, last wednesday.

i woke up to a text message from emily telling me to check out those pages on the way to work. i was curious as to what was on them. i grabbed a redeye from the box and wanted to scream with excitement.

great pr, dc comics. a full page spread in a major chicago newspaper. n-i-c-e.

everyone should be reading blackest night...two issues are out and its the greatest story of the year.


chicago comic con

a quiet rebranding which resulted in a cooler logo & the lack of big exhibitors resulted in wizard world becoming a giant shopping mall this year. i was disappointed in the lack of dc comics and marvel. who doesn't go for the sweet free swag?

below are some photos i took at the con and here is a great article about the lack of exhibitors which is really disappointing. i read some panel reports and fans were asking where the exhibitors were. its okay though since C2E2 hits in april and both dc and marvel have already signed on. i cannot wait for that.

make mine '39

happy birthday, marvel comics!


wtf season three.

the new gossip girl ad campaign for season three is out. last year's omfg was REALLY good. every time i would see print ads on division and state i would get all excited. i haven't seen any print or outdoor for this campaign but, i am not feeling the 30 second video. i don't like the wtf standing for watch this fall...at all. hopefully print will be better.

melrose place ads

this fall's melrose place has some high quality & racy images with the same idea behind last year's gossip girl OMFG campaign: sex.

will this classic idea sell? yup.

how long until the ptc releases a statement about the cw's marketing to teenage girls? my guess is tomorrow morning.

check out all three here.


cover of the week

another amazing cover for jla: cry for justice this week. not only is it my cover of the week but, the story increased in greatness as well. i've always been fascinated by congorilla since he is completely underused and i really knew nothing about him. i love the use of captain marvel and i wish tempest was on this team...

in other news, i have alot of updates that i am going to write about at some point today, probably after work. i should probably be getting to bed now.


dc comics never fails me.

i am obsessed with the source, too, solely because of the above and below images...black lanterns, please rise. superboy prime looks desperate.

twitter search tips

for starters, i am obsessed with breaking tweets chicago. well, chicago now really in general.

i became more obsessed when this article was published today about Twitter search. lately, I have been using Twitter searches at work to find potential followers who are unaware of the EC Twitter account. i didn't even know all of this and now i can utilize it.

i highly recommend reading the above article! be a twitter pro.

ugh i just want printed editions

newsarama had a new article about the future of digital comics: longbox.

i just cannot read digital comics i don't think. i know the world is being digitized but, i just love collecting my comic books, bagging, boarding, and sealing them away in an actual longbox. i should give at least one digital comic a try. i guess i'm just kinda stubborn and old school.

other comic books new: wizard world chicago is this weekend! i will be in attendance obvi!


true blood is ooc.

true blood on sunday night was incredible. i don't care if it doesn't follow the book exactly. there are many incredible story lines going on at the same time. the ending was the best part. here is what's to come in the next episodes:


madmen myself?

me? maybe? yes? no?
oh you know just hanging out at sterling cooper like a real mad man.

make sure to mad man yourself here.


twitter & facebook coupons & deals

i ran across this article today about facebook and twitter deals and coupons while i was at work. at my entertainment cruises marketing internship, we have been doing the same push using our twitter account and multiple facebook accounts for each city.

the latest initiative is most easily described in the below paragraph:

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK PROMO! For $5 get Lakefront Speedboat Ride tickets aboard Seadog from 8/3-8/7 between the hours of 10am-1pm. You MUST be a fan of EC-Chicago and RSVP for the date of your choice to get on the list. Don’t miss out on this great offer!

i'm hoping it is a success and spreads out virally through the twitterverse as well as the fb-verse.

in regards to the article, this quote really exemplifies my feelings towards the entire idea of using social media to cause a viral outreach amongst followers while also making a personal identity for the company:
“We really are using it as a true engagement tool,” said Alicia Thompson, Popeyes vice president of communications and public relations. “It’s a way for us to build the brand and to keep top of mind awareness with our consumers by giving the brand a face and a personality.”
you can't have social media without some interaction...

young all stars take two.

jsa all stars which i will be calling young all stars take two breaks apart the society into two. the younger society with the exception of power girl and hourman who i am guessing acts as mentors will push the team in a new direction under the guide of magog. i hope that lightning is in this series as opposed to the title book. i'm wondering who the little flying monkey is the front. i can't wait to see some more panels from this series. i pretty much will read anything starring courtney whitmore.