new shows i'm looking forward to so far.

hung...looks interesting. i don't think anything has been done like this before. i suppose i will give it a try.

glee...so much word of mouth about this show. it seriously is a more mature, offensive version of high school musical for television. i watched the first episode and it was amazing. i bought the two songs off itunes and keep listening to them as if they are the greatest songs ever...

melrose place...ok i love 90210 in turn i must love melrose place. i am not okay with the casting of undercover teacher girl as another character within the same 90210 franchise. i have read that it has been done before in the past but, i am simply not okay with it. it takes away from all realistic portrayl that the shows have left. it has been confirmed that a crossover for 90210 and melrose is possible. will they add an extra depth to the character of riley richmond who is really a cop named kimberly mcintyre, too? that would be an awesome plot twist.


true blood viral marketing

true blood has been going viral marketing crazy and i cannot explain how much i love it. my facebook status today was about how everytime i saw a new company ad that had to do with vampires i wanted to scream with excitement.

besides the viral ads, there are multiple websites set up for fictional happenings in the sookie-verse including the american vampire league, fellowship of the sun, tru blood, and bloodcopy. bloodcopy in my opinion is the best. i essentially want andrew's job...if vampires really existed and i was one who let the world know about them through youtube videos. the marketing team behind all the true blood online iniatitives are doing a GREAT job.

along with all the viral marketing ads, there are true blood posters throughout chicago. i smile every time i see one of these.

i do wish they had used the one below occasionally as opposed to the constant use of the sookie and bill one. the neck biting one grabs my eye like nothing else. after seeing the neck being bit, my eyes won't focus on the blood dropping anymore. i don't mind that.

june 14, 2009 should be sookie stackhouse day.

summer season premieres

summer season premieres are starting in june and i only care about:

-weeds on june 8th.
-true blood on june 14th.

kristin has a complete schedule on her blog.

i may watch hung. i have yet to see a trailer. i should probably search for it tonight...

finally caught up on the finales

i have been so busy lately with school that i didn't have the opportunity to watch the season finales of 90210, gossip girl, smallville, or fringe until the other day. i guess all i can say is i am obsessed with all four finales.

90210 had so much going on. i am not sure where the silver and ethan love fest was going or why it started before he left but, it was very random. despite all spoiler sites saying that ethan does not die as part of his departure, i am convinced he is the person that was hit by annie.

gossip girl had better not ever reveal who gossip girl is...ever. georgina should join the cast in order to stir up constant trouble.

smallville is incredible. character foreshadowing makes my day. choloe sullivan cannot ever be an oracle character. it will seriously upset me. i love you, barbara gordon, and chloe will never replace your role of information specialist to superheroes.

fringe introduces alternate realities, william bell and the death of our world's peter. can we say greatest finale ever?

season premieres, please come sooner. yes, i am talking to inatimate events.

this is just WRONG.

i have been super busy with work this past long weekend. i have many blog topics i plan on writing about tomorrow night. i am currently semi hyped up on coffee after a long day so i browsed my rss feeds.

this article infuriated me about a buffy remake. really kuzui? you cannot just RUIN the buffy-verse. find something else to write about? get a new profession? consult with joss whedon? try not to ruin buffy? thanks for listening to me.

the latest results of a fan poll by kristin furthers the lack of fan support:

85.3% No, I am enraged at the shameless corporate exploitation of Joss Whedon's art.

poor buffy being ruined for another generation. read the comic books. it is a great continuation of buffy after the hellmouth closed. i eagerly await the new issue each month.


the teen titans and death.

newsarama recently had an article about the teen titans and death. while they have a history of dying in the dcu, they always seem to come back as seen by the recent resurrections of superboy and kid flash after the crisis.

in august, it looks like another titan will fall as seen by the cover. hopefully, it will be a useless character like kid devil or whatever he goes by now that he is powerless. the titans need to revert back to the main 5 predecessors that started the teen titans. the development over the years of the background of the current titans has allowed the teens to have depth to their personalities that started in young justice and continues into teen titans today. this ideal team would consist of: robin/red robin (i am 100% sure that tim drake is the new red robin. damian is too immature and unconnected to the titans to be a member. dick/batman needs to train him), superboy, kid flash, wonder girl, and speedy. while speedy left the green arrow/black canary series recently, she could be replaced on my ideal titans team by the reintroduction of arrowette. they have similar names and inspirations but, they differ greatly. i am a huge fan of the young justice series since i was about their age when the series was released.

clearly, i have grown up with the current incarnation of the teen titans. i should be an honorary member like wendy and marvin. i would make my character their advertising guru. i would assure wonder girl that the team would be viewed as respected members of the super hero community.

update & v.

i started summer quarter classes this week and am in the process of moving out of my apartment so i had no internet or cable which resulted in the lack of updates.

the upfronts were this week and abc's new remake, v, looks awesome. based on the premise of this show, it looks as if juliet is d-e-a-d since elizabeth mitchell is a main character. i never liked juliet's character on lost anyway.


dc comics august picks

its dc comics august solicitation day! score! here are my picks for what i am most excited for:

1. anything and everything blackest night. i am particularly fond of these two covers. i think the current list of resurrected heroes as black lanterns includes alexander luthor, terra, superman of earth-2, aquaman, firestorm, elongated man and his wife, martian manhunter, all the dead green lanterns, and some dead titans. please come out now? ok thanks.

2. these weird little green lantern & sinestro figures. they look deformed and apparently are some new blammoids! i dono about them...their slogan is "too tough to call small – you’ll want to collect them all!" umm pokemon take much?

3. a stargirl dc direct action figure? i am going to find a pre-order website...right NOW. i used caps this must be serious. courtney whitmore has been my favorite jsa-er since stars & s.t.r.i.p.e. which i read religiously. great series.

monday & the upfronts.

i had my first day at my second summer internship, a communications firm in the west loop. it was the regular 9 to 5. i made some phone calls for an upcoming fall chicago expo. this is my fifth internship since last summer and while it may have been my first day, i don't understand how some people have bad experiences in any internships. every internship i have had everyone has been BEYOND friendly, welcoming, and happy. i'm glad i've been pleased with my internship choices!

i had my first night of graduate school classes for the summer quarter. tonight's class was an experiential learning class on preparing the 5-year masters students for the working world. while i originally had a not so optimistic view of the class, we had alot of hands on networking and introductions today that made the class atmosphere very welcoming and created a comfortable setting thanks to the teacher. at least, i will have something to look forward to on my monday nights.

the upfronts for fox were today. as an eager wanna be advertising professional, my dream is to go to the upfronts for a company. watching tv shows four months early and judging them? count me in. i'm looking forward to glee, a musical dramedy, and the human target, another dc comics tv show. i follow the live feed all day via my blackberry google reader. i can't wait for the cw and abc upfronts! they're my main networks.

vote the red cross!

facebook users (everyone alive pretty much now), click here now. plz. k. thx.

so easy to do and do it once every 24 hours.

please vote for the red cross on target's facebook page. target is donating $3 million to different organizations and the voters decide how it is divided up! the red cross is currently in the lead so, let's keep it that way!

my love for the red cross emerged after a thought provoking and incredible learning experience i had as an intern in the marketing communications department at the greater chicago chapter during my senior year. i vote daily for the national chapter on the target site and everyone should really. the red cross helps so many people each day across the country. don't believe me? check out the daily ticker on their website filled with information on the disasters in the chicago area. the chicago chapter has a blog, too, that is updated pretty often. so web 2.0! follow them.

too bad it's heresy

you have go see angels and demons.

i read the book after my semester abroad in rome and having been to the setting was helpful in imagining scenes. however, watching the movie was amazing since its essentially a tour of rome. there's a short scene in piazza navona that makes my heart jump.

the movie had a small viral campaign including a website of the stolen antimatter (so qwardian). also, you can create ambigrams which is a key part to the whole illuminati past. sweet life, illuminati.

maybe i should call up the pope for access to the vatican archives? isn't that needed for graduate school?



this statue from lost has been a mystery since just its foot appeared a few seasons ago. the season finale which i'm currently watching as i write this depicted the entire statue of an egyptian god as the home of the mysterious jacob. essentially, i want to be jacob due to his ability to be ageless richard alpert style. can we say sweet life?

lost ends next season and i can only imagine what the entire premise behind the show really is. i read online somewhere that only matthew fox knows the ending. well, i want to know the ending...now. i don't even know the ending to this episode since i still have 40 minutes left of the season finale. i'm sure it will be a cliffhanger.

every year, lost seems to have a viral campaign. i can't wait for the last season one!!

jacob loves you.


my mom loves me.

i headed out to schaumburg this morning since i was working at my retail job today since my communications firm internship doesn't start til next week. my mom aka momo asked if i needed anything for when i head back down to the city to my apartment. my answer: of course i do.

the many things i needed included action figures: two discounted mattel 3 pack figures at target (lex luthor pack & starfire pack), the alexander luthor dc infinite heroes figure, and the star trek 3' 3/4'' kirk, spock, and old spock figures. i, also, got two x-men: evolution dvds that were $5.50 each also known as the best deal ever.

i'm a kid at heart. what can i say? i think i'm just such a giant nerd that anything comic book related draws me in.

i would talk about advertising but, the only ads i saw today were in store advertisements that i see every week.


today's comic book buys

after a great second day at my new internship, i walked over to graham crackers in the loop. i picked up the new issues of action comics, green lantern corps, escape, young avengers, booster gold, azrael, trinity, ultimate spider-man, titans, wolverine, the unwritten, and oracle.

my favorite cover this week was green lantern corps. the cover is just mass chaos with kyle and guy dominating it. all the corps are in the background and it seems like a nice prelude cover to the upcoming summer event

i began reading oracle: the cure on the 146 going home. another cta rider sat down next to me and said, "i am about to read that, too!" we became instant friends and discussed the likeliness of barbara gordon becoming the new batgirl. he hoped as much as i did that she gets her title back and the ability to walk. this would be a dream come true.

on a different note, i am embarrassed to say i am hooked to this show. i can't even say the name and i blame barrett for sending me the hulu link.

this is hilarious.

this ad could only work for president obama due to his mass appeal.
i found this while working on a project at my internship. i'm pretty sure this is the only president that would ever be seen shirtless. its clever advertising that clearly appeals to moms.

the article was in the washingtonian.


my first day as a semi real person.

i had my first day today at the first of two summer internships i've accepted. i am working the classic nine to five on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays at a dinner cruise company located on navy pier. i woke up really early and used my brand new chicago card plus to take the 151 down michigan. i need to get used to paying for riding the cta. the u-pass has been a savior the past four years with unlimited rides for a semester for like $86. it's $86 per month with the chicago card plus. what a joke. i had an amazing first day there working on social media and finding advertising rates. i walked out at 5 p.m. with a smile on my face knowing that summer 2009 was going to be a great summer where i was going to learn a ton about marketing.

another great start to my day was an e-mail from chris grant, the president of the core group, the art studio responsible for the woodfield ad campaign illustrations. he came across my blog and kindly provided me with a compliment about my portfolio and luck towards the future. thanks again, mr. grant!

i really didn't pay that much attention towards the news today or any of my feeds. i did come across this article on the pick up of the human target. finally, a dc comics show that is not smallville. right after work, i headed over to amy's apartment where i'm subletting for june and july to give her aloe vera since the tanning bed made her resemble a lobster. since chicago is beautiful tonight, i decided to walk from lakeview to my gold coast apartment along clark street. it was a great walk where i got to clear my head and people watch. perfect.

i work again tomorrow and am having dinner with my aunt and cousin at beppo's. its also comic book wednesday. the best day of the week, every week. i'll update tomorrow night about my comic book purchases.


star trek

i had never watched any "star trek" movie until yesterday. this prequel was great. i have always been a more "star wars" fan so i guess just the commercials with the sweet special effects and an easy jump on point made it appealing to me.

apparently, there's a viral campaign going on for the movie. i should have presumed this would happen since lost and "cloverfield" are the brain children of jj abrams, a genius. i usually run across viral campaigns either through internet chat or comic news sites and i never saw this one until now. maybe it should have been pushed a little harder and had some added pr?

here's a baby spock image on flash drive. who wants to buy me one?

woodfield mall

woodfield mall...i used to live for it in high school since its the centerpiece of schaumburg. i guess my more economic side has in the past few years pulled me away from going to the mall and spending money on unneeded clothes when i have a closet packed with clothing. however, i did have to go there this morning for my senior graduation picture.

the mall had an advertising campaign with about six figures that shaped the identities of different woodfield customers. it was interesting and it had my eye since the figures were modern cartoon characters each with their own personality. the artisit clearly used illustrator. obsessed. it was funny since my mom told me about it and i had no idea. i looked up the article from a few weeks ago. it has no images! after a little more searching, i ran across a quiz to determine which "woodfield persona" you are. it has some images, too. i took the quiz and ended up being ben, the tech friendly classy dresser. it definitely defines me.

guess woodfield mall needs some shoppers in our great economy. thanks for the suggestion as to what stores i might like...



i officially became a college graduate last night! it was anticlimactic as expected. it was exciting though to walk across the stage in my cap and gown while my name was being said.

i still have to be audited from this semester's grades before i receive my diploma as required by luc. i'm not worried! i will still be graduating cum laude with a bachelor's in advertising & public relations and minors in visual communications and marketing.

i'm a real person now. watch out...


no more gg spinoff?!

so excited for "valley girls" but, reports say that it won't spin off into its own show.

i guess i can't say sadness since i haven't seen the episode but the clips do look good.

in terms of other cw pilots for pick up, melrose place obviously will be watched due to my love for 90210 which is semi-embarassing. i will probably end up watching beautiful life due to mischa barton. i'm not sure if the cw needs vampire diaries. they should pick up this body politic that everyone is talking about. i do love vampires but, it sounds like twilight or true blood for the teenagers. i guess i'll have to wait until the cw releases a proper announcement.

so jealous i am not in high school

i graduate with my bachelor's today. that was probably the quickest four years of my life. i am pretty sure i started freshman year yesterday. weird.

i woke up this morning and saw the promotion for the dc comics sponsored design scholarship challenge. the winner goes to san diego comic con, gets a scholarship, AND works on a marketing campaign for absolute justice, an art piece of alex ross. please open to college graduates. my dream job to do marketing for comic books left to recent high school graduates...not fair.



best news ever: the exploration of the multiverse post blackest night by grant morrison in a title called multiversity. 2010 couldn't come soon enough.

morrison should be "crazy" and explore all 52 earths in a 52-issue miniseries. it wouldn't even have to tie together in one tight knit story. even just short stories focusing on different incarnations of character of each would would be awesome. i would buy weekly. he could even do a challengers of the unknown storyline again with characters going from earth to earth via the bleed and use booster gold since he seems to be pretty time/earth hoppy lately.

i would prefer they focus on the batman beyond earth briefly touched upon in 52. they could, also, do some kingdom come expansion. the tying together of superman of earth-22 (kingdom come), the jsa, and the legion allowed for a nice follow up to kingdom come and i want more! i usually refer to wikipedia's page on the 52 earths since it seems pretty accurate from what i've read since infinite crisis and 52.

my obsession with multiple earths and future settings stems from my hardcore comic book reading that started at the time of the release of dc one million, a story that showed the resurrection of the original superman and the corruption of a justice league patrolling our planets. i remember being so fascinated i read the same four issues and the secret files over and over. the marketing campaigns and ideas that i can think of now that would have benefitted that book...

multiversity should have a viral campaign focusing on travel to other earths. just an idea...that would probably work! i don't think it would take much to sell a book by grant morrison though.

matty collector exclusive

legion of superheroes in bruce timm fashion. gimme now...please. these are going to be uh-mazing. they are released via matty collector on may 15. an ad for action figures...i wonder where this is placed. i am sucha huge nerd and i've never seen it in wizard so it must be in kids' magazines. what about the big kids, mattel?

i am slightly addicted to the more obscure jlu figures or ones that have tie-ins from outside sources. i am craving the batman beyond three pack. words cannot describe my love for the batman beyond earth.

i should probably preorder this four set before it sells out...

mattel is dying for a sell out for their older jlu lines. on sale figures? i'm at target asap. they just have to be the ones that i don't have and do want! likeliness? slim to none.

letter columns in comic books

top cow is bringing back witchblade and the darkness letter columns in the back of their books. the comments that were left on the column summed up that readers missed these columns. i never cared for them. the year is 2009. most comic book fans follow writers, creators, artists, and anyone else involved in the comic book industry through facebook, myspace, and twitter. why wait a month to see if you get a printed comment when you can just instantly write and communicate on the internet and expect (if you're lucky) a response?

secondly, that extra page used for letters can be used for story, ads, or save the environment by just not existing. i am more partial to story. sorry, advertising world.

i should probably starting writing creators since my dream job would be anything imc related in the comic book industry. this will have to be when i am done watching last night's lost.

target bullseye bazaar

after finishing up my very last class for the semester this morning at nine a.m., i walked over to graham crackers for some comic books that came out yesterday. i picked up the new issues of: war of kings, trinity (not sure why i still buy this), world of new krypton, power girl, new mutants, flash: rebirth, run!, daredevil: noir, cable, buffy, and battle for the cowl: the network.

on the way home i hit up the much talked about target bullseye bazaar and snapped this shot outside. there was nothing appealing to me inside. it was more of a preview of what is coming up in terms of the vast array of target products with little emphasis on men's necessities besides some shirts. the pop up store allowed for much foot traffic and i'm sure high sales. it is a great marketing technique to use on michigan avenue for three days. i wonder how much the rent was for that. i'm jealous i didn't get to see any famous stars while i was in there!


finally, the cw.

it's about time for this time to happen: the cw drops sunday scheduling.

sorry but, "desperate housewives" always has my attention on sunday nights.

old man logan delayed for a week...

the title says it all. this is just not okay. you're making me wait to read the ultimate wolverine story set in a distant and messed up future in order to gain new readers as a result of the success of "x-men origins: wolverine. not acceptable. i don't care if this is a good jump on point. distribute some free "wolverine saga" books at movie theaters so readers know where to turn when they want to follow up with wolverine's story in print form. i am pretty sure the inside back cover had a full timeline of wolverine in trade paperback form. stop this insanity, marvel.

i had to include the michael turner cover. i already miss his artwork. he was an incredible man. check out all his artwork on the website dedicated to him after his passing during wizard world chicago last year from a long battle with cancer.

green lantern casting

dear mr. campbell,

please do not hire bradley cooper as green lantern for your film. he defines aidan stone. he would be wrong to recite the green lantern oath.

thank you,
tim carbonara
loyal green lantern fan

valley girls

i wasn't able to post yesterday due to craziness with the ending of graduate classes and the senior boat cruise.

i didn't care that much for monday night's gossip girl. the only good part was the preview. i am obsessed with back stories of characters. hello, lily rhodes! brittany snow is perfect in all her roles from "hairspray" to "nip/tuck." the poster on the left is interesting with copy that uses slang from the 80's. nowhere near as good as the racy and amazing OMG! posters from this season's premiere.

on another note, kristin @ e! revealed the actor that is going to play the not dead son of lily and rufus. i'm still creeped out by that entire storyline.


red robin #3

with school finishing up this past week and countless projects due, i have been slowly reading through my feeds and playing catch up with all things comic book. i haven't even had the opportunity to read last week's comic books which is a pretty rare occurrence.

i saw this cover to red robin# 3 the other day on as my constantly cited favorite, dcu: the source. it has to be dc comics' greatest use of social media. here are my current ideas as to who will wear what cowl post battle for the cowl:

-batman: dick grayson (he was the first robin & trained his whole life to fill in for batman)
-robin: damian wayne (obvious from batman & robin banner ads)
-red robin: tim drake (best robin ever)
-batgirl: barbara gordon.

as seen from this visiting of the grave of bruce wayne, it alludes that the visitor is red robin from the shadow. with the inclusion of the woman on the right, i would presume its stephanie brown (the spoiler), another back from the dead superhero.

i cannot get over the grim composition through the use of the skull extending in the trees to symbolize batman's death and the use of limited colors in this cover. i've always been a fan of covers depicting death since it allows superheroes to reach an all new level. the fact that red robin is dropping the cowl onto the grave might mean that he is done searching out bruce since the entire series' premise is that he doesn't believe bruce is dead. obviously, he's not from the depiction of him at the end of final crisis back in prehistoric time (?).

one of my favorite things about this cover: the squared to a point legs of the female character. classic bruce timm.

true blood season two

so, i think i am just pumped for the summer in general since "true blood" returns!!

i have been reading the southern vampire mysteries religiously since "true blood" hit HBO last year and this collection is a great way to get ahead of sookie, bill, and eric's story. i'm currently on book 8 and the story only gets better. the new book comes out tomorrow!

omgz batgirl

this just showed up on my facebook feed from the dcu: the source blog. i am working right now at the luc student union and almost screamed with excitement. if i had screamed, i would have disrupted no one since it's monday morning after finals and there is no on here. wait, maybe should i scream because i am literally so excited right now.

batgirl #1 comes out in august. my guess is barbara gordon is behind that mask. battle for the cowl shook everything up and oracle: the cure better put barbara behind the mask as batgirl once again. the stitches allude to cassandra cain or even huntress but, this has to be barbara gordon. dc comics has announced multiple times that they are returning characters to their original roots as seen by barry allen and hal jordan. i hope this is true for batgirl, too! i am an avid collector of batgirl action figures and i will only purchase figures with batgirl as barbara gordon since she is the classic inception of the character. how soon is august?

happy star wars day!

it's "star wars" day so may the fourth be with you!

i really got into "star wars" before the release of episode I since i was a freshman in high school and the action figures were the coolest thing ever. after becoming entirely engrossed in "star wars" after that, i made sure i was at the midnight toys'r'us releases before the next two movies debuted. i always ended up getting the entire figure collections for the movies. my high school wallet loved that...

last week, disney released new posters to promote 2009 star wars weekends amongst employees. the official star wars website has a slide show of the past posters as well as the images of the four new posters for this year's event. my favorite for this year is the darth vader one. what a great idea. darth vader would never stand in line though to meet his son...let's be serious. after taking a view at the slide show, the 2006 campaign with queen amidala...amazing. i might just be drawn to the character since she is played by natalie portman who is a great actress as seen by "garden state," "anywhere but here," "closer," and countless others. the character defined a strong feminine role through the entire prequel trilogy. i always loved the backstories of characters and the origin of luke and leia's mother was well done in the prequel trilogy. the story helped to show the love story behind anakin and padme from his days as a slave and her title of queen followed by their iconic love story to anakin's role as the strongest jedi and padme's role as a strong political force to his demise, her death, and the birth of the next generation of jedi.

i know my evening will include some "star wars" movies.


sweet business card designs

while still being half asleep this morning, i looked at my to do list and saw i needed to print out my business cards for a graduate school business card exchange. for whatever reason, i typed business card designs into google when i really meant business card sizes to make sure my document set up was correct. i ended up running across this website about creative business card designs. it definitely gets you thinking about design and creativity. i don't think i can pick a favorite since each one has something that appeals to me.

x-men origins: wolverine

i ended up seeing "x-men origins: wolverine" on thursday at midnight. it was an interesting movie to say the least. it seems to be getting decent reviews from the media and its ticket sales met "iron man." i'm sure there will be a sequel since iron man already is in production. hopefully, the sequel incorporates captain america or black widow in order to tie the x-men movies with the upcoming marvel movies. i love when they show the connections between the movies since it gives them more depth in terms of the comic book universe from which they are set.

i understand that comic book movies have to be modified in order for it to be more open to general audience but, it irks me each time i see one. it's always the small details though. of course, "wolverine" was no exception. emma frost and silverfox are sisters, deadpool and weapon xi are the same character, and countless other minor details that only resonate with comic book fans. i do, however, enjoying the minor characters on the screen. i would have liked to see how the baby storm would have been incorporated into the film since the scene in the trailer was cut from the final version of the movie. they would have needed to explain how storm was significantly younger than cyclops. the could have cut it due to that continuity flaw. regardless, professor x's cameo was perfect. it may be the tie to the x-men: first class movie that is set to come out in the future. i wouldn't mind seeing those kids as the film's mutants.

overall, go see "x-men origins: wolverine."


free comic book day

today is free comic book day. any day where you give away my most favorite product in the entire world for free is the best day clearly. there was a limit of three comic books per person so i picked: green lantern, the avengers, and star wars. i read the first two but, i haven't read star wars yet.

green lantern was a nice prologue to blackest night. a classic conversation between hal and barry at bruce's grave about the deaths of batman, aquaman, and martian manhunter. while every character has evolved to all new limits in the past few years, dc comics has already said that they are returning the characters to their most iconic forms. knowing that martian manhunter is coming back as a black lantern, i'm sure he will be back in his most classic apperance as opposed to his oval headed martian look. overall, the return of aquaman and martian manhunter will allow the justice league to reboot as a more "big seven" team that was the key to morrison's run on the book. it was definitely the best justice league run in the past twenty years at least. i wouldn't have minded seeing the "big seven" characters used in the "lightning saga" storyline which was by far one of the greatest stories since i started reading comic books.

i have nothing to say about the FCBD avengers comic book expect the size of the issue was weird. you can't just change the size of the modern age comic book abruptly. it felt wrong to hold.

in terms of marketing strategy, the release of "x-men origins: wolverine" to coincide with free comic book day is beneficial. the press coverage just using google search seemed to have worked very well with 496 clips since april 21. if consumers see the movie and interest in the comic book is sparked, i would presume that they would follow up with picking up a free comic book at their local store. however, a better way to garner attention to comic books by non-readers is to partner with movie theaters to promote free comic book day or to run an advertisement before "wolverine." this strategy would have allowed nonreaders to become knowledgeable about the event even if it only would have been able to be run for one day. i guess there's always next year and the following years with the release of a slew of marvel movies.

"the dead shall rise."


an introduction

i've decided to start a blog dealing with integrated marketing communications with an emphasis on social media and viral marketing. it pretty much is inspired from my advertising and public relations capstone project topic on integrated marketing communications in the comic book industry. i will focus most articles, images, and videos i post on the entertainment industry including television, movies, and comic books.

a little about comic books...

my passion for comic books began when i was around 8 years old when i ran across two wrigley's gum boxes packed with my dad's old comic books while cleaning the attic. i immediately developed a love for the superheroes of DC Comics. after becoming attached to the medium, i began to visit local comic book stores every wednesday to pick up new issues of comic books that my dad had collected. i am now twenty one and my comic book addiction is still in full swing.

for the next few days, i will introduce myself, skills, tastes, and experiences in the field of marketing communications.

this collection of lantern corps images was fed through my facebook feed. my favorite image of the mysterious black lantern corps is on the right. it looks like more than just aquaman, superman of earth-2, and martian manhunter will be back from the dead. i cannot wait for july 15, 2009!